Tired of complaining about your monitoring sound?

We have the solution for you!

All your troubles with monitoring sound are a thing of the past. Our 3D audio technology provides you with a spatial and natural sound that leaves you speechless. Separating instruments has never been easier. We work together with some of the most renowned artists on this planet. By putting together the latest results in audio research we developed our 3D in-ear sound technology, revolutionizing the way bands hear themselves during performances on stage. Welcome to KLANG:technologies’ revolution: 3D in-ear monitoring.




Strong performance. Natural 3D sound.
Seamless integration.

Combining the most advanced audio algorithms and our 3D audio technology, KLANG:fabrik connects to all your professional mixing desks. With audio standards such as 4 x 8 channel optical, MADI or Dante™ (optional modules available soon) up to 64 input channels are supported. Up to 8 musicians plug in their in-ear transmitters via pairs of balanced XLR connectors. Remote controlled via Ethernet or simply on its 5 inch touch display.

Full control. Extremely Intuitive.
Your Personal 3D mix within seconds.

Adjust the levels of your personal 3D in-ear sound mix on-stage with KLANG:app for Apple iOS and Android (coming soon). Additionally, let your sound engineer take over control on PC or Mac and even listen to your monitoring sound. Position each instrument spatially in 3D or using conventional stereo. It just takes a slide of your finger. Even during a show. It’s as easy as it sounds.

Motion tracking. Almost invisible.
For maximum sound transparency.

Integrated into or attached to your in-ears, the KLANG:vektor captures your head movements, allowing for an interactive 3D in-ear sound mix. Face any musician on stage and the corresponding sound appears directly in front of you. Turn around to hear that sound behind you. This will give you the most natural sensation. You can just focus on your show.

Spatial sound. Natural Orientation.

Your ears already know what to do.

A high quality and transparent monitor sound is essential for good live performances. But, have you ever succeeded in distinguishing multiple simultaneous voices in a conference call? Now imagine these people standing around you! You can easily concentrate on each one individually. The same works just as good for music.

Our 3D audio technology was developed by leading scientists in the field of audio technology and virtual reality. As the team includes passionate musicians and sound engineers we know about the problems of existing systems by our own experiences. That’s why we aim to revolutionize the way bands hear themselves during shows. We have the solution for you. Enjoy all the benefits of in-ear monitoring but without the drawbacks.

It is up to you what you want to hear, where you want to hear it and how loud you want to hear it. Even though you’re still wearing your own in-ears. Arrange all instruments around you and get a vivid and transparent monitoring sound.


Test it. Hear it. Feel it.


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Dr. Roman Scharrer, Dr. Pascal Dietrich,
Benedikt Krechel, Robin Müller