Experience 3D In-Ear Monitoring

In this short introduction video you'll get a first impression of our KLANG:fabrik and its 3D In-Ear Mixing benefits. Plug in your headphones and hear 360° immersive audio with your own headphones.


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Tutorials, Testimonials and Demos

Andy Cooper shows how easy it is to setup KLANG:fabrik with YAMAHA CL/QL mixing consoles and improve your monitor experience.

Kristian Ponsford, UK Brand Manager for Multitracks.com, about his experience with KLANG:fabrik at New Wine Worship Festival.

Our engineer Phil Kamp demonstrates our 3D In-Ear Monitoring and shows you the most important and useful features of our KLANG:app for live performances.

KLANG On The road

You can meet us on the road and hear the 3D In-Ear Monitoring system in a real-life setup. Choose a date and make an appointment.

NEW: Experience the world's first 3D audio headphone concerts. Enjoy binaural studio gigs with 3D sound from the comfort of your home.

Learn more about the Tour Dates and Concerts
KLANG booth at Musikmesse 2015