3D In-Ear Monitoring

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Future Of In-Ear Monitoring

In the past decade, in-ear monitoring has become a very powerful tool for live bands. More and more musicians are integrating in-ear monitors into their live setup to achieve a higher level of sound transparency and professionalism.

With our new 3D audio mixing technology, we combine the feeling of wedges and the freedom of in-ears to align your visual with your auditory expectations. Listen and experience the new world of 3D in-ear monitoring today!

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Perfect interaction for perfect on-stage sound

Seamless Integration

Our 19" digital mixing-desk is connected in between the monitor mixing-desk and the radio transmitters or headphone amps. It mixes all signals in 3D for your in-ears.

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Realistic 3D-Sound

We achieve the most natural in-ear sound through acoustic virtual reality. Algorithms and database are completely unique.

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Intuitive Control

Either wireless or via LAN – both the engineer and the musicians themselves can control their individual 3D mixes.

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Real-time Adaptation

We use motion tracking to update the positions of the signals in your 3D mix so that it aligns with what you see on every second.

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Free demo app

You can test 3D In-Ear Monitoring with our free App and the integrated demo songs.

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On-site Test

We support our customers with demo shows and system integration at their place.

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