Tobi Raunigk & Adulescens | 3D Headphone Silent Tour with KLANG:fabrik


  Visonary audio engineer Tobias Raunigk gives insights on his immersive 3D headphone club tour setup for German band Adulescens with KLANG:fabrik. Video Interview with Tobi Raunigk Watch the video interview with 3D headphone sound capture. Please wear headphones! Thanks to Tom Wendt for shooting this video: And another video interview with the entire band and English subtiles:  … Read more

AMI Gear of the Year 2015 | KLANG:fabrik


KLANG:fabrik was choosen as Gear of the Year 2015 by AudioMediaInternatioal. Download and read the full PDF containing the other brand new products that came out in 2015.   The bottom line: “Praised for providing clarity and a more natural sound, could KLANG:fabrik turn out to represent the next stage of evolution for the IEM market?” – Audio Media International… Read more

Production Partner | Glasperlenspiel | Tour Interview


Production Partner in Interview with live sound and monitor engineer Jens Bubbes Steffen in 2016. Download and read the full PDF in English or German. True innovations are rare in the audio industry; mostly these are further developments of existing technologies and proven methods. A real innovation that offers functions that were previously simply not possible, is rather the exception.… Read more