About KLANG:technologies

Our mission

We at KLANG:technologies are here to offer a new and unique concert experience to musicians all over the world. We believe that musicians who feel comfortable on stage with their monitoring sound are able to perform better and connect with the band and audience more easily and freely.

In-ear monitoring, a phenomenon which spread widely over the past decades, is a huge step in this direction. Musicians still hesitate to make the switch from wedges to in-ears - they are troubled with an unnatural sound, missing transparency, auditory fatigue and disorientation.

With our 3D In-Ear Monitoring, we are striving to overcome those last obstacles on the way to a perfect monitoring sound. We want to bring back the naturalness in hearing for the musician on stage - the feeling, as if you are not wearing any in-ears at all.

KLANG ♥ our customers

"The Klang 3D system opens up the world of in-ears. Finally a solution to get more space and definition into your personal mix. (...) The 3D should be standard for all monitor systems used by PA companies all over the world!"

Franck Van Der Heijden - Musical Director of David Garrett

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Our People

Our hearts are pounding for music. Everyone in our team is either an audio engineer or a musician himself, with different and unique backgrounds and experience. All together we strive for the goal to improve the world of hearing for everyone around the world.

The company continues to grow steadily. Every new team member supports our mission with their heart and soul. Our technology is happily used by famous musicians across the planet. Thanks to all that and the feedback and insights we gain, we are able to provide artists and professionals with the solutions they really want and need.

KLANG ♥ the Press

"KLANG:technologies wowed us with its KLANG:fabrik, a hardware monitor mixing engine that imports natural, 3-dimensional sound to IEM feeds."

2015/05/05 – Product Hits of Musikmesse/Prolight + Sound Music Exhibition 2015 - FoH online

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Our Technology

Being able to hear 3-dimensionally is a basic human capability. There is no need for us to turn to the source of a sound every time we hear it in order to know, where it is coming from. If a car honks from behind you, you know intuitively where this car is located. To achieve this, our brain processes the signals in a similar way as to how it makes us see in 3D with our eyes: it records even the slightest differences in volume, arrival time and reflections and - through comparison between the left and the right ear - precisely locates the sound around us.


The ingenious ability of hearing spatially gets lost the moment you put on headphones or in-ears. The problem is that your brain is still searching for the necessary cues for orientation. The consequence for most of us is that we become confused, disoriented and fatigued. Despite these consequences, there are many advantages and improvements that in-ears bring with them.


One way to transfer the natural hearing power to headphones is to have spatially recorded audio in the first place. Binaural recording works with an artificial head and small microphones built into the plastic ears. As it is physically based on the human head, the artificial model can record the environment exactly as our own ears would do.


Binaural recording can give you the impression of natural hearing while using your headphones. But sadly, this method only works with audio recorded somewhere in the past and being played back in the given moment - therefore being inappropriate for the stage. During their time at the RWTH Aachen, our engineers conducted their own measurements with an artificial head. The results became the basis for an acoustic virtual reality which could work with audio that was created in the very same blink of an eye. 3D In-Ear Monitoring was born.