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How can I revert a fixed / static Dante IP?

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I cannot see my KLANG device in Dante Controller… You have probably configured you Dante module for a static / fixed IP address and you need to discover the unit’s IP address and revert it to factory defaults.

Please check our <a href=””>dedicated guide to recover Dante devices.</a>

How can I update the Audinate Dante firmware?

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You will find a step by step guide in our blog here…

Can I use a different word clock source for the Dante network?

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Yes. Dante has the great advantage that it takes care of audio clocking almost automatically. If you use e.g. KLANG:vier with an ADAT input or KLANG:fabrik with ADAT or MADI or external Wordclock, or KLANG:vokal with MADI and you want to integrate the KLANG devices to a Dante network the clock has to be configured manually.

Set the KLANG devices to the clock source of your choice. In Dante Controller tweak the clock settings of this KLANG device in the “Clock Status” tab. Enable the “sync to external” and “preferred master/leader” for this unit. Now, the internal clock of the KLANG device will feed the entire Dante network and you can route audio from your KLANG processor e.g. to a :quelle or :kontroller.

Make sure the KLANG processors are not set back to Dante as the clock master in before unchecking the “sync to external” setting again. Otherwise, you will end up with the clock loop.


What is Dante?

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Dante is a proprietary audio over IP (AoIP) network protocol developed by the company Audinate. It is extremely versatile, robust due to redundancy features and still easy to use. Instead of analog multicores and several digital interface cables with Dante hundreds of channels of audio with high fidelity sound (24 or 32 bit, 44.1–192kHz) can be transmitted over hundreds of meters with only one network cable and maybe a second one for seamless redundancy.

Most manufacturers in the field of digital mixing consoles have already incorporated Dante into their products e.g. by supplying expansion cards. Among them Yamaha, DiGiCo, Soundcraft, SSL, PreSonus, Midas through Klarkteknik converter, Behringer and many many more. Converters between digital formats or to analog inputs and outputs are available in various configurations. DAD/NTP, Focusrite, Auvitran are just a few offering great connectivity possibilities.

Since 2015, Audinate’s Dante modules can be firmware updated to offer AES67 support enabling network audio connectivity to an ever wider range of products.