July 30, 2018

How can KLANG:fabrik handle up to 16 mixes if it only has 8 stereo analog outputs?

Depending on the IO configuration KLANG:fabrik can create up to 16 3D in-ear mixes. Each mixes consists of a stereo output pair. KLANG:fabrik flexible routing scheme allows to route mixes from the 3D in-ear mixing processor to any digital output interface and to the 8 stereo analog XLR outputs.

8 mixes can be routed to the 8 stereo XLR outputs. All available mixes – including all mixes that are routed to the XLR outputs – can be routed to any digital output interface. E.g. you can route the other mixes which are not already routed to the analog outputs via Dante to KLANG:quelle.