January 22, 2024

How many channels and groups can be adjusted on :kontroller

:kontroller always supports all groups of a mix. The maximum number of groups per KLANG mix is 16. By pushing GROUPS on :kontroller the first 8 groups are shown and by pushing GROUPS for a second time the last 8 groups are shown.

:kontroller supports 3 banks of 8 channels each, so the first 8 channels of a KLANG mix are available. It is important to sort the most important channels that should be controlled to the first 24 in the KLANG mix. However, the groups can always control the channels 25+. It is also possible to hide channel from the kontroller, without the need to resort channels. Hidden channels are still audible in the mix but cannot be individually tweak. However, if the group is changed in level these hidden channels will follow. https://www.klang.com/manuals/app-faders/#reorder-groups