June 8, 2016

I only have two ears, how can sound be 3D?

Close your eyes and listen to your ears only. You will realise that you can immediately tell from where a sound is coming from. The sound travels from the source to our ears and until it finally hits our ear drums several things happen. The first effect is most obvious. The speed of sound is limited and e.g. sound coming from your left side will arrive at your left ear earlier than on your right ear. Secondly, the sound on your right ear will be attenuated due to the head shadowing effect. Furthermore, there are more sound paths that hit your torso first and are then delayed and reflected to your ears. Additionally, all these effects are strongly frequency dependent. Your ears are used to these kind of “artifacts” and decode them as spatial information.

KLANG’s 3D in-ear mixing technology imitates exactly what would happen to e.g. instrument signals around you before it hits your ear drums. A specially processed signal arrives at your in-ear or headphones drivers and contains all spatial cues your ears need to get a full 3D impression to let you immerse into a realistic and transparent sound field.