February 1, 2024

My device shows MMC error or its status LED is red

Get in touch with our support team via our website and include a brief error description, what happened before the issue occured and include the serial number of your device. If this occured right after a KOS update via USB, also send the log files created on the USB drive during the KOS update procedure. Also include the last KOS version installed on the device.

Customer Support: klang.com/contact/

Follow these steps, stop once device is booting normally again:
1) Start a video recording of the display or LED and restart device.
2) Perform a USB KOS Update, it might take up to 30s until display or LEDs are lid
3) If display shows “MMC error” MMC card needs to be reseated/renewed
– :kontroller needs to be sent in for service. Last display is blinking yellow.
– :vokal/:konductor
Remove the cover plate (4 screws, rear panel, right side, opposite to power inlet),
Re-seat micro SD card(s). Push on the card, take it out, wipe contacts, push in again. Do the same for the other card on :konductor. Power :vokal/:konductor on.
– Remove DMI-KLANG. Re-seat micro SD card. Push on the card, take it out, wipe contacts, push in again. Install DMI-KLANG again.
4) Perform a KOS Update via USB.
5) Replace micro SD card / Customer support will help you with this process.