June 8, 2016

What is Dante?

Dante is a proprietary audio over IP (AoIP) network protocol developed by the company Audinate. It is extremely versatile, robust due to redundancy features and still easy to use. Instead of analog multicores and several digital interface cables with Dante hundreds of channels of audio with high fidelity sound (24 or 32 bit, 44.1–192kHz) can be transmitted over hundreds of meters with only one network cable and maybe a second one for seamless redundancy.

Most manufacturers in the field of digital mixing consoles have already incorporated Dante into their products e.g. by supplying expansion cards. Among them Yamaha, DiGiCo, Soundcraft, SSL, PreSonus, Midas through Klarkteknik converter, Behringer and many many more. Converters between digital formats or to analog inputs and outputs are available in various configurations. DAD/NTP, Focusrite, Auvitran are just a few offering great connectivity possibilities.

Since 2015, Audinate’s Dante modules can be firmware updated to offer AES67 support enabling network audio connectivity to an ever wider range of products.