Automating KLANG with Reaper

Reaper’s built-in OSC functionality allows to write and read automation data for KLANG’s level as well as horizontal and vertical panning, by simply using Reaper and KLANG:app. Both programs can run on the same computer if you wish. Follow the next steps to set this up.

For more information and download of the DAW Reaper please visit their website.

Preparing Reaper

1 Change the Pan law/mode

Navigate to Reaper -> File -> Project Settings and select the “Advanced Tab”. Change the pan law/mode to “Dual Pan”.

Consider saving this a default project settings.

2 OSC Control Setup

Open Reaper’s Preferences, scroll down to “Control/OSC/web” and “Add” an entry.

3 Control Surface Settings

Enter the Control Surface Settings and execute the following steps:

  1. Control Surface Mode: “OSC (Open Sound Control)
  2. Label your device, e.g. “KLANG”
  3. Pattern config -> (open config directory) and drop the following file into the folder and select it: Download ZIP KLANGapp.ReaperOSC
  4. Mode: “Configure Device IP+local Port”
  5. Device port: “9111”, Local listen port: “8200”
  6. Device IP: enter your computer’s IP, identical to the automatically set “Local IP”

Preparing KLANG:app

1 External Control

In KLANG:app enter Admin Mode.

  1. Set Mode: Active
  2. Console Type: DAWreaper_1mix
  3. Init Master: KLANG
  4. Console IP: Your Computer’s IP address.
  5. Leave the Console Receive Port on its default 8200. Or adapt in Reaper OSC and KLANG:app accordingly.

2 Channel and Mix Mapping

Enter “CHANNELS” tab

  1. Open the “REMOTE CH” dropdown menu for Channel 1 and select (1)
  2. Ripple Down

Enter “CONNECT” Tab

  1. Make sure to have Mix 1 selected
  2. Open “Remote Aux” dropdown and select “(1)

Save these settings on your KLANG hardware CONFIG > PRESET > Save. Channel and Mix mappings are stored in this show file.

Reaper automation data will only be synced with Mix 1 in KLANG.

Start Automating…

Create a Channel in Reaper (needs to be placed on top of the channel list, as remote mapping follows the channel order)

  • Volume is now linked to Klang Mix 1, Ch1 Level
  • Pan (Left) is linked to horizontal Pan (azimuth)
  • Pan (Right) is linked to vertical Pan (elevation, height)
Repeat for as many channels as you wish to automate.

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