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Understanding Show Presets & Snapshots

You have just entered your channel information, assigned icons, colors and groups. Now, you would like to save your settings and learn more on how to simplify your mixing workflow with presets and snapshots. First of all, Show Files are containers that save your mixes, channel and group information as well as user names and icons.

The PRESET menu under CONFIG is only available in Show and Admin mode.

SHOWS – Show Files

A Show Preset can hold up to 100 Snapshots. Snapshots store less information than Show Presets and can be loaded much faster than Show Presets. It stores 3D and panorama Channel Positions, Channel Volume, Master Volume, Solo / Mute and Mode Limit. This makes it ideal for quick changes in the mix e.g. when changing from one song to another.

Your screen will probably look similar to the following one. Under SHOWS you see a drop down menu with the preset list (on KLANG hardware + USB presets + Remote KLANG:app Presets). In the example the Show Preset does not have a name yet and the  list below SNAPSHOTS is empty as well.

In order to give the Show Preset a name click in the empty frame just right next to SHOWS:.

Save, Load and Delete

In order to store the preset on the internal memory of your KLANG hardware click on Save. The confirmation dialog will show you if saving was successful and how much of the memory is left for storing further presets.

Previously stored Show Presets with the same name will be overwritten!

To free memory, select a preset and click Delete. This action cannot be undone.

You can load another preset from the Show File drop down list by clicking on Load.

Presets cannot be renamed directly. To rename:

  1. Load the preset
  2. Enter a new name
  3. Save the new preset
  4. Select the old preset and click Delete.

Transfer (to/from KLANG:app or USB)

With the Transfer button you can import/export the selected preset from or to USB – if a USB drive is connected to the KLANG processor. Additionally, the preset can be transferred to the device your KLANG:app is running on and vice versa.

If you want to export a preset from the KLANG hardware:

  1. Select this preset in the SHOWS: drop down menu.
  2. Click on Transfer and it will be copied to the USB drive.
  3. It will also be copied to KLANG:app (remote).
Now, you will see the transferred presets in the Show Preset drop down menu:

If you want to import a preset from KLANG:app or USB (Note: Presets that are not stored on the KLANG hardware are labelled with brackets (USB) or (Remote)):

  1. Select this preset – with (USB) or (Remote) at the end of the name.
  2. Click on Transfer and it will be copied to the immersive processor with the same name (without the brackets in the end).
  3. Now, load the preset from the Show file list.
Only KLANG presets stored in the direct root of your USB drive are recognized. Please make sure the USB drive is formatted properly.
Presets are interchangeable between different types of KLANG processors e.g. KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:konductor. If the presets contains less input channels or less mixes these settings will be added from the default file. In case the preset has more mixes or more input channels than the processor offers, the first mixes and first channels will be loaded until the maximum is reached.

It is also possible to drag and drop XML files onto the KLANG:app window. After you dropped an XML-preset file, it is available under Presets/Remote in the Preset drop down list and can be transferred to the KLANG processor. Click transfer then click on the drop down list again and load the preset with the same name unter the tag Local.


List of Snapshots

The list of snapshots is empty by default. First we need to create a snapshot.

  1. Click on Create.
  2. Click on the Snapshot in the snapshot list. (Button becomes white)
  3. Click on Rename and enter a name. We use Outro in this example

The currently loaded Snapshot is indicated by a purple button border. Selected snapshots are indicated with a white background.

To delete a snapshot, select the snapshot and click on Delete.

Continue to mix and save your mix settings in different snapshots. Once you have created several snapshots, e.g. for different songs, you can sort or rearrange the list. Select a snapshot and move it up and down the list with the Up or Down button.

The IDs for a new snapshot will increase every time you create a new snapshot within a preset. This helps you to understand the order in which the snapshots were created.

If you want to change settings of the current snapshot click on Update.

Please save the preset again to store the snapshots in the show preset of the KLANG hardware.

Recall or Fire Snapshots

Now, you want to quickly change from one mix situation to another, e.g. when you move from one song to the next. Simply select the Snapshot and click on Recall. You will notice that the purple frame immediately moves to the selected snapshot that you just fired.

We recommend you to have your snapshots in the correct order for a show, so you can easily fire the Next or Previous snapshot by hitting the buttons.

Sometimes, you might not want certain parameters to be changed by Snapshot recalls. Select the Recall Safe Settings you need. Icons help to get a clear view what settings are currently applied. Icons for snapshots are surrounded by a circle.

The recall safe options are for snapshot recalls only. A preset recall will always overwrite all settings for all mixes and override any snapshot recall safe parameters set. The Snapshot recall safe parameters are only stored temporarily on the hardware unit and will not remain after rebooting the unit.

User Recall Safe

Besides the Master Volume and Stage Mode options it is possible to exclude entire user mixes from snapshot recalls. This is particularly useful in conjunction with the personal monitoring mode, i.e. users that mix on their own using KLANG:app in Personal Mode.

Channel Recall Safe

Exclude individual channels from snapshot recall commands. The channel number is used and the icon of the channel for the current user mix is shown in the back.

Set Values

CONFIG > PRESETS > SET VALUES or Shortcut : CMD + Shift + S from anywhere in KLANG:app opens the Set Values menu.

Choose which parameter should be overwritten with a given value.
Press THIS Mix to only change the parameter in this mix or choose ALL Mixes to change it in all mixes on the KLANG processor.
Recall save settings under CONFIG > PRESET will apply and can be used to only apply these to certain mixes.

Manually enter Fader Values

ALT/2nd click on channel fader or mix volume allows to enter precise dB values manually. [KKA-48]

Troubleshooting and Backup all Show Files including Snapshots and Transfer to another unit

Backup your Show Presets regularly so that when case you have to work with another KLANG device you will have all your settings with you on a USB drive. To backup all Show Presets and copy special logging files for troubleshooting, e.g. for KLANG support:

  1. Insert an empty USB drive.
  2. Wait 10 seconds
  3. Go to CONFIG -> Info
  4. Click on copy Log Files to USB (Only works in Admin mode: press and hold CONFIG for 3 seconds -> Admin)
  5. Wait for the confirmation dialog, this transfer all presets/shows/snapshots and log files to your USB drive. Backup completed.
  6. Wait 5 more seconds and unplug your USB drive
  7. Insert USB drive into computer. Drag the files from the subfolder “Presets” to the root directory of the USB drive or save to your computer for further backup.
  8. Unmount USB drive from your computer.

Transfer to another unit:

  1. Insert USB drive into KLANG processor.
  2. Transfer preset in the PRESET screen from USB to the unit.
  3. Load the preset if required on the unit.

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