DMI cards | Update & Settings

In order to perform best, DMI cards need to be at the latest Firmware version that comes with every KOS version.

DMI cards installed in :konductor or in an Orange Box with DMI-KLANG (KOS 5.5+ required) can be updated via KLANG:app.

Update DMI Firmware

Login with KLANG:app (Admin mode required) to your :konductor.

Go to CONFIG > INFO > SET > Update DMI cards.

Choose the DMI Slot number of the card that needs to be updated. It is recommended to Update Firmware and FPGA to make sure everything works hand in hand.

The DMI card firmwares are included in the KLANG Operating System (KOS). A KOS Update might offer new firmwares, but a KOS update will not automatically update the DMI cards. However, a warning will be shown in CONFIG > INFO.

Head to CONFIG > INFO to check if a new firmware is available for your DMI cards.

Something went wrong…

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Don’t worry, if there was a power loss during the DMI Firmware update and the DMI card is not recognized in :konductor anymore.

  1. Remove power from :konductor. Take out the DMI card.
  2. Search for a Jumper labelled BOOT LOADER and set this jumper to the other position (indicated by a white line).
  3. Install DMI card in :konductor and power on :konductor.
  4. Wait up to 5 minutes or until the DMI card appears again in CONFIG > INFO
  5. Remove power, remove DMI card again and revert the BOOT LOADER jumper to its original position.
  6. Install DMI card and power on :konductor.
  7. Perform the DMI “Firmware only” Update first.
  8. When finished, power off :konductor, wait 10 seconds, power on again.
  9. Proceed with the DMI FPGA only update.

Auto Update DMI Firmware

If CONFIG > INFO > Set Menu > Auto Update DMI Firmware is enabled, the DMI cards’ FPGA and Firmware will be kept up-to-date matching the newest version available in KOS.

Optocore Settings

Optocore ID

Login with KLANG:app to your :konductor. Go to CONFIG > INFO > SET > Optocore ID.

Choose a unique Optocore ID for each DMI-Opto in each slot separately.

This ID will be stored in :konductor per DMI slot and not on the card itself. When a DMI-Opto is moved to a different slot the ID has to be set for this slot as well.

Default Optocore IDs are:

  • Slot 1 | ID: 21
  • Slot 2 | ID: 22
  • Slot 3 | ID: 23

Optocore Channels

Login with KLANG:app to your :konductor. Go to CONFIG > INFO > SET > Optocore Channels.

Specify for each Optocore DMI card in each slot individually how many channels they should be able to receive from the Optocore network and how many channels :konductor should be able to return to the Optocore network via DMI-Opto.

Routing from the KLANG Immersive Mixing Engine to the Optocore cards has to be set separately via CONFIG > ROUTING.
By default DMI Slot 1 is routed to 3Diem Ch 1–64 and DMI Slot 2 to 3Diem Ch 65–128. The mix outputs from 3Diem are sent to all three DMI slots.

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