:kontroller | Differences Ultimo vs. IPcore

Which version have you got?

Open Dante Controller > Double click on KLANG:kontroller > Status
Check the field “Dante Model:”

  • UltimoX2, short: Ultimo, Serial starts with KRA…
  • DanteIP-Zynq-DDR, short IPcore, Serial starts with KRB…
Ultimo KLANG:kontroller shown in Dante Controller > Status tab.
IPcore KLANG:kontroller shown in Dante Controller > Status tab.

Network Devices and Config

KLANG:kontroller with the Dante Ultimo chip, consists of two network devices – KLANG control device (KLANG:apps can connect to it and itself can connect to KLANG processor and remote control a mix).

IPcore :kontrollers only have one IP address for Dante and for Control.

A static / fixed IP address of IPcore :kontrollers can only be configured via KLANG:app > CONFIG > INFO > SET… and not via Dante Controller.
IPcore :kontrollers do not support VLAN configuration. This might be added in the future via an Update from Audinate.

Dante Firmware Update

The Dante Firmware of Ultimo :kontrollers is updated via Dante Controller / Dante Firmware Update Manager.

IPcore :kontrollers automatically contain the matching Dante Firmware with a KOS update.

Latency and Warning

Both Ultimo and IPcore :kontrollers offer 1ms and 2ms Dante latency.

IPcore :kontrollers can be configured for lower latencies in Dante Controllers as well, but this will be corrected automatically in the background. Technically they cannot work with latencies lower than 1ms. This might be fixed by a future update from Audinate.
Currently, Dante Controller throws a red warning “100Mbps” for IPcore :kontrollers. This is not an issue, as :kontrollers are 100MBit/s devices and will work just fine.

KOS Update/Downgrade

IPcore :kontrollers can only run KOS 5.3.30 or higher. All IPcore :kontrollers will be shipped with a working KOS. This KOS prevents an OTA to a version lower than 5.3.30. However, USB update to lower versions cannot be prevented and will not work. A USB KOS Update to the latest release version always be installed to fix this.

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