Over-the-Air KOS Update

You arrive at this webpage after clicking the “Update KOS” button in KLANG:app > CONFIG > INFO, if your KLANG hardware does not have a direct internet connection but your KLANG:app does. Alternatively, you can manually start the OTA KOS Update via KLANG:app > CONFIG > INFO > Set Menu > Update KOS from Uploaded ZIP.

Step 1 | Download KOS

Download Latest KOS:

KOS 5.5.8 | 2nd Gen.
Make sure to NOT unzip/decompress the downloaded ZIP file. If your browser unzipped automatically, make sure to manually ZIP the following two update files *.KLANGupdate2 and failsafe.ub found in a subfolder.

Step 2 | KOS Upload to Device

In addition to this web page, another web page was opened in the background. Switch to the other webpage in your browser after carefully reading the next steps below.

2.1 Click on Let’s start

2.2 Click on Choose File

2.3 Select KOS ZIP and Click Upload

2.4 Click Upload and Start Update

Step 3 | Wait for update to complete

Upload Progress bar in browser

Update Progress in INFO screen

This takes between 5-10 minutes and the device will restart automatically. Check KLANG:app > CONFIG > INFO for the current KOS version.

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