KOS Recovery | 2nd Gen.

In case your 2nd generation KLANG processor was e.g. switched off during a KOS Update and the internal rescue system cannot solve the issue, follow the steps below.

This is an expert procedure and will have most likely to be performed by your KLANG service partner. This guide is written for DMI-KLANG, but will work on :vokal and :konductor as well.

Step 1 | Formatting the microSD card

Format SD card with several partitions

Mac OS

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  1. Open Disk Utility
  2. First, you must go to View > Show All Devices. Otherwise you will not see the correct partition.

  1. In the left pane under “External” chose the top entry for the microSD card. Right click on it > Erase…

  1. Choose Format: “MS-DOS (FAT)” and Scheme: “Master Boot Record” and click “Erase”. If you do not have the Scheme dropdown, go back to step 2 und make sure to chose the top entry in step 3).


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  1. Open Command Prompt (Windows Key + R > Then type CMD and hit ENTER)
  2. Type: diskpart
  3. Type: list disk <HIT ENTER>
  4. Choose the disk number corresponding to the microSD card and type e.g.:
    select disk 2 <HIT ENTER>
  5. Type: clean <HIT ENTER> (You might need to try this again if it does not work)
  6. Type: create partition primary <HIT ENTER>
  7. Type: format fs=fat32 <HIT ENTER> (This might take a few minutes)
  8. Type: assign <HIT ENTER>

Step 2 | Copy Recovery Files


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Recovery System
  1. Copy the Files from within the folder 01 COPY THIS TO microSD the root directory of the SD card.
  2. Unmount SD card.

Step 3 | Flash the module

  1. Set Jumper LK4 (below Fan, can be set with tweezers from the right side below the engraved G­­) on KLANG module to the programming position so it bridges the two contacts closest to R94
  1. Insert microSD card.
  2. Insert DMI-KLANG into any DMI slot -> Switch power on.
  3. Status LED will turn BLUE:booting immediately and then ORANGE:programming.
  4. Wait until LED turns GREEN:done. This may take up to 1-2 minutes.

Step 4 | Revert jumper setting

  1. Remove DMI-KLANG from slot
  2. Change Jumper LK4 to its FINAL POSITION as follows:
  1. (Mount Fan, in case it was unmounted before)
  2. Remove microSD card and delete all files from it or format the entire card (See above for details).
  3. Insert microSD card again.
  4. Insert DMI-KLANG to DMI slot
  5. Copy the latest DMI-KLANG Update Files to an empty USB stick
  6. Press and hold the Reset/Update Button while powering on DMI-KLANG.
  7. The LED switches to BLUE:booting and later to Status LED turns to PURPLE:ready. May take up to 15 minutes.

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