Release Notes

KLANG releases major updates between 1 and 3 times per year introducing new features. A major version step is e.g. from 4.x to 5.x or 5.3.x to 5.4.x. KLANG:app and KOS will be released at the same time.

However, there are minor updates (e.g. 5.4.x to 5.4.y) on both KOS and KLANG:app containing important fixes e.g. due to changes in operating system updates, new tablet or smartphone devices, new versions on third party hardware, e.g. DiGiCo consoles. These will be released as quickly as possible in smaller chunks. Therefore, there might sometimes be a couple of new app version per months reacting to those changes and ensuring the best user experience possible with the latest version.


[2023-12-19] Changelog :app 5.4.14

  • KKA-688 fixes kontroller mix assign dropdown when in “follow this app”

[2023-12-18] Changelog :app Android 5.4.13

  • KKA-660 Fixes a rare Broadcast Discovery Burst on a specific Android device

[2023-12-07] Changelog :app / KOS 5.4.12

  • KKA-650 Fixes Broadcast warning for first network port
  • KKA-657/660 Reducing app/kontroller broadcast messages
  • KKA-662 reducing memory writes to SD
  • KKA-639 Reset Dante IP working again in 5.4

[2023-12-05] Changelog :app 5.4.11

  • KKA-637 Enabled/Disable Mix Name/Icon change in personal mode via Admin mode CONFIG > INFO > Set Menu > Protect Mix Names in Personal Mode
  • KKA-652 Copy Meta has also option only only clone channel names to all mixes
  • KKA-643 Fixes iOS personal import *.kup

[2023-11-27] Changelog KOS 5.4.10

  • KKA-625 Make sure channel order is immediately updated when loading a personal preset

[2023-11-27] Changelog KLANG:app 5.4.10

  • KKA-594 Improved visibility of non-editable text fields in app.

[2023-11-06] Changelog KOS 5.4.9 (KOS only)

  • Fixes :kontroller Dante Ultimo chip not always reporting its status (KKA-612/158)
  • Fixes Metering issue and KOS update with IPcore :kontrollers

[2023-10-30] Changelog KOS 5.4.8 (app only)

  • KKA-599 Fixes issue with collecting log files from apps
  • KKA-600 Improved handling of apps, with the same app name (e.g. localhost due to iOS 17)

[2023-10-19] Changelog KOS 5.4.7 (app & KOS 2ndGen)

  • KKA-586 Fixes an issue with auto sample rate detection on kontroller when running at 96k
  • Device Identify now also sets a marker in log files via a network broadcast

[2023-10-04] Changelog KOS 5.4.6 (app & KOS)

  • Fixes a temporary issue with :kontroller settings in 5.4.4

[2023-09-28] Changelog KOS 5.4.4 (app & KOS)

  • Some fixes
  • Fixes :konductor audio issue with DMI-Madi and new hardware revision
  • Added set global values feature
  • Added Transfer + Load Preset feature
  • Added iOS / iPhone portrait mode
  • Added send custom OSC ctrl + shift + O
  • Current mix shown in channel details view

[2023-09-01] Changelog KOS 5.4.1 (app & KOS)

  • details on all features online


[2023-05-31] Changelog KOS 5.3.14 (KOS)

  • fixes an issue with stereo linked, stereo channels on preset load KKA-253 / KKA-262

[2023-04-05] Changelog KOS 5.3.13 (app & KOS zynq)

  • fixes kontroller rarely had no network after boot KKA-268 / KKA-263
  • Engineer cue did not work in app show mode KKA-312
  • Fixes issue with linked stereo channels in standard stereo KKA-253

[2023-04-05] Changelog KOS 5.3.12 (:konductor only)

  • Support of new revision of DMI-DANTE 64@96z incl. Firmware/FPGA update files

[2023-02-02] Changelog KLANG:app 5.3.11 / KOS 5.3.10

  • see for a full feature update list


[2022-11-02] Changelog KOS 5.2.96

  • Fixes an issue on konductor boot with Optocore DMI module not always booting
  • Personal presets will not change the fader range limits on the processor

[2022-09-30] Changelog KOS + app 5.2.95

  • Fixes a potential detection issue with Optocore DMI cards on :konductor boot
  • “follow this app” settings will not be overwritten when assigning mixes on other :kontrollers
  • “follow this app” does not use IP address as fall back and only sends changes
  • /switchUser fixed

[2022-09-06] Changelog KOS + app 5.2.92

  • App allows now to filter discovered devices and sort them by type, IP, name, etc.
  • Quick access to preset save/load on kontroller via Amb/Aux menu
  • Fixes kontroller presets shown empty although they contained values
  • Fixes app issue with MIDI MCU remote control (5.2.58), full support up to 128ch
    Make sure to select MIDI_MCU_5.2.89 for each MCU interface in Config > Ext Ctrl !!!
  • Added mix name to MCU displays and immediate feedback of mute/solo button press
  • kontroller “follow this app” now uses KOS name instead of IP
  • Fixes a stability issue on fabrik/vier
  • Fixes issue with log2email
  • Fixes kontroller VLAN GUI issue
  • Changing VLANs on vokal/konductor will automatically restart device
  • OSC value request for /azi /name /mute /solo /stereo /mode etc added
  • Reduced OSC load fro group solo/mute
  • Removed an issue with Kontroller Connect Screen showing sometimes PLS UPDT where it should not

[2022-07-06] Changelog KOS + app 5.2.80

  • Make sure all channel mix settings are sent via OSC (requestAll and preset load)
  • Fixes an issue with resorting after a preset with different channel order is loaded.
  • Use the correct Audiotonix MAC address prefix

[2022-06-29] Changelog KOS + app 5.2.78

  • Improved handling of silent groups (app i.e. kos on ktrl)
  • Relative levels within a silent group will be kept (kos on processor)
  • Fixes jumping source positions in Stage/Elevation
  • Less OSC messages when changing source positions
  • Push settings to all kontrollers / apps as broadcast (ctrl+cmd+alt+shift and click in set menu)
  • Improved DiGiCo mapping functionality / Ripple all Mapped ON with shortcut CMD + option + R
  • Clear down ripple for auxes. Map aux to none and ripple.
  • Advanced App maintenance mode
  • App Stage view: Flip LR will consider group select
  • EQ and Samplingrate settings will no longer reset each other in KLANG:app for vokal / konductor
  • Fixes an issue with channel settings GUI on konductor
  • Show name in autosave will persist after unit is rebooted
  • Group assignments will be checked when number of groups is changed
  • ktrl solo clear triggers faster
  • ktrl more me will bring up master volume and stop once maximum is reached

[2022-05-17] Changelog KOS 5.2.74

  • Fixes ext. ctrl. dropdown menu in app closing in app when DiGiCo console integration is active/setup (APP)
  • Fixes default routing for CUE in and fixes a CUEing issue on Konductor Engine B (KOS)
  • Fixes an issue with meters not always updating (KOS)
  • Eliminate NotSet error messages in Zynq Log files (KOS)
  • Avoiding network IP reset during Konductor start to boot quicker (KOS)
  • Personal presets will now set icons correctly (APP + KOS required)
  • Eliminate engine B clock error messages (KOS)
  • Showing CIDR subnet mask notation in info screen (KOS)
  • Showing CIDR subnet mask notation on Windows app (APP)

[2022-04-25] Changelog KOS (ZYNQ only) 5.2.71

  • Improved audio clock for konductor
  • Fixes occasional laggyness of kontroller
  • Fixes an issue with multicast statistics (less frequent, non-negative values only)
  • kontroller GROUPS long press can now only deactivate Groups Lock
  • Preventing a duplicate restart of some DMI cards during konductor boot
  • Snapshot OSC /Kf/co/updateSnaphot will use the current snapshot when called without argument
  • KOS boot will check free space and clean up tmp data
  • Cleaned up LOG file, e.g. removed special characters, Dante DMI invalid protocol

[2022-04-08] Changelog app 5.2.70

  • App start will try to connect directly to the last known KLANG processor IP
  • Added “Connect IP” to directly connect to a processor IP address. Shortcut CMD + Shift + C
  • Fixes an issue with console type not working when setting up for the first time
  • Console integration will not indicate a session save when running DiGiCo iPad app simulataneously
  • Console integration will now always pull the session name
  • Console integration, speed improvement with SDQ2022 console type
  • Cleaning up the local IPs, especially on Windows systems

[2022-02-17] Changelog app 5.2.59

  • Faster init when using console integration on a cascade
  • Additional Translator for SD & Q consoles for improved sync
  • Re-requesting missing console parameters
  • Ripple Auxes now pulls the aux names automatically
  • App uses increased network buffer size and clean flush
  • “Clone This to All” will also use the channel recall safe setting
  • Deactivating console integration also when defaultOFF is loaded
  • Improved app stability (version number)

[2022-02-17] Changelog KOS 5.2.58

  • Fixes a rare audio issue on :vokal (FPGA, engine)
  • Improved handling of Optocore DMI settings in :konductor
  • Improved Over The Air Update for updates from this version onward
  • dhcp client retry set to 60s on Zynq
  • konductor DMI MADI/Optocore cards more tolerant to clock offset

[2022-01-26] Changelog app/KOS 5.2.56

  • Added: Quick Mix Select on Kontroller Amb/Aux via mix level push (if menu is allowed on device)
  • Added: High contrast skins
  • DiGiCo console integration speed improvements
  • Improved network buffer size init (e.g. Apple M1 network issues)
  • Fixes an issue with kontroller not sending OSC when the Pan Mode default select button was pressed
  • Clearer description where show files are saved
  • More obvious copy/paste behavior with overlays
  • Makes sure all Kontrollers can reach a master volume of 100%
  • Fixing issue with KOS on Kontroller triggering an unnecessary number of Dante Name assignments which lead to timeouts
  • Added logging for kontroller headphone over current and a safety low cut
  • kontroller display/LED dim will always work with the first button click
  • More intuitive fader zoom behavior when working with different channel numbers in different mixes
  • Less verbosity when initially changing the fader range for the console integration

[2021-12-02] Changelog app/KOS 5.2.54

  • Fixes an issue with file sorting in demo mode
  • Deactivates obsolete hardware channel swap in Config > Channels
  • Improved skin support and improved warning colors, e.g. clock

[2021-12-02] Changelog app/KOS 5.2.53

  • Fixes an issue with stereo linking in the import of older KOS 3 presets
  • Improved compatibility with USB drives for update (after this update has been installed!)
  • Fixes an issue where konductor engine B took longer to boot than engine A
  • Fixes an issue with MADI DMI card and clock phase offset to the reference clock source
  • Fixes a discovery issue with two or more Optocore cards in konductor
  • App Ext Ctrl now uses DiGiCo as default setting
  • Improved responsiveness of routing screen
  • konductor routing screen will offer 64×64 channels for setup purposes when no card is installed
  • Improved behavior when preset names already exist

[2021-11-11] Changelog app/KOS 5.2.43

  • Support for KLANG:konductor (incl. new DMI card Firmwares and Updater Tool)
  • Added Orbit Tools in KLANG:app
  • Added Quick Orbit Positions
  • Added Expert Network settings (incl. VLAN support) for konductor, vokal, kontroller
  • Added multicast/broadcast network statistics for DMI-KLANG, konductor, vokal, kontroller
  • Added kontroller LowCut Output EQ presets
  • Added kontroller Factory Reset to Menu
  • Added Broadcast kontroller Display dim from app info screen > set menu (all devices on network)
  • Console Integration: added ripple down of inactive channels
  • Improved network IP address handling for DMI-KLANG, konductor, vokal, kontroller
  • Improved network GUI on kontroller suggests Netmask and Gateway settings
  • Reset Button short press renews IP address (DMI-KLANG, vokal, konductor)
  • Reset Button short press writes Log to USB (blinks during copy)
  • Reset Button long press performs an immediate full reboot
  • Fixed an issue with wrong IP Address shown in SD/Q panel for DMI-KLANG
  • Fixed an issue with meters on kontroller
  • Fixes an issue with app demo mode on some Windows systems
  • Fixes an issue with the buttons to change KLANG:fabrik IO settings
  • Minor (cosmetic) fixes


[2021-09-08] Changelog app 5.1.90

  • Fixes an issue with demo mode (rare and mainly on Windows)
  • Fixes an issue when changing I/O count for KLANG:fabrik

[2021-08-26] Changelog KOS and app 5.1.88

  • Fixes an issue with musician CUE on DMI-KLANG
  • Fixes a rare issue with snapshot changing channel order
  • App musician cue will be forced to always follow mixes

[2021-0-14] Changelog Dante Firmware 1.6.0

  • New Dante Firmware package .dnt 1.6.0 for KLANG:fabrik / vier / quelle
  • Includes
  • See Audinate Changelog [TRID-106]. Fixes a subscription issue on fabrik/vier when a device
    on the other network port is removed or connected.

[2021-08-10] Changelog app 5.1.86 vs 5.1.84

  • Improves app start and demo mode audio init

[2021-08-10] Changelog KOS 5.1.85 vs 5.1.68

  • Faster KLANG:app ping replies
  • Fixes a rare issue with the mix engine (binmon)
  • Faster user cache and less CPU load

[2021-08-09] Changelog app 5.1.84 vs 5.1.70

  • Fixes an issue with console link becoming slower after large snapshops are fired
  • Preset loading bar will only be shown once

[2021-07-01] Changelog app 5.1.70 vs 5.1.66

  • Fixes default preset load in app Personal Mode

[2021-06-25] Changelog KOS 5.1.68 vs 5.1.64

  • Fixes an issue with invalid sample rate readings and activated EQs
  • Fixes an issue with importing some routings saved under KOS 4
  • Fixes a rare caching issue with mix settings and remote mappings
  • Improved network and CPU handling on fabrik/vier

[2021-06-24] Changelog app 5.1.66 vs 5.1.64

  • Fixes cross compatibility issues with preset transfer, list of presets and such using Ka 5 with KOS 4

[2021-06-14] Changelog KOS/app 5.1.64 vs 5.1.56

  • Improves responsiveness of kontroller
  • Fixes an issue with EQs when loading presets
  • Improved speed and performance in audio routing (especially on fabrik/vier)
  • Fixes a connection issue when devices suddenly changed their IP addresses
  • Fixes rare issue when starting and stopping KLANG:app demo mode
  • Fixes mix settings refresh after loading presets
  • Fixes an issue with azimuth and width for stereo channels
  • Fixes visual issue with labels in routing screen
  • Fixes an issue with deactivation of Cue mode
  • More me / plus button will no longer consider hidden channels
  • Minor bugfixes

[2021-04-08] Changelog KOS/app 5.1.56 vs 5.1.38

  • Fixes routing issues (especially a known issue “When updating from 5.0.0 / 5.1.7 (factory KOS version)…”)
  • Added default preset with all channels turned off
  • Improved stability
  • Added more stages in initial KOS update procedure for easier troubleshooting (for future updates after this version was installed)
  • Much faster audio filter exchange on kontroller, vokal, DMI-KLANG
  • Added Custom Broadcast IP for App Connect Request
  • Makes sure channels can only be assigned to existing groups or will be re-assigned automatically
  • More info in email LOG

Known issues:

  • Ktrl Ultimo late packets when too much multicast traffic on network or kontroller Ultimo sends out Multicast Dante Flows: Workaround configure IGMP snooping (See Audinate Dante Level 1/2/3 training) and disable outgoing Multicast Dante Flow on kontroller.
  • Ktrl Ultimo shall not be clock master, this might lead to Dante clocking issues. Especially “sync to external” should not be activated for kontrollers.

[2021-03-29] Changelog KOS/app 5.1.38 vs 5.1.28

  • WARNING: Reduced channel count on Fabrik @96kHz for 2 and 3 users by 1 channel. Only temporary workaround!
  • Solves: Routing issues in APP and KOS
  • Solves: Known Issue with EQs in KLANG:vokal in all 5 KOS versions
  • Solves: App 2nd/alt Mute/solo Pos/edit Button labels will sometimes not be refreshed properly, Button will behave as expected, but label might be misleading
  • Future KOS Updates on vokal/DMI-KLANG will have improved LED indication on the progress during USB update file discovery
  • Fixes issues with more me / auto adjust on kontroller / app / kos
  • Dante naming on kontroller will follow Dante device naming specs
  • Improved stability on fabrik/vier and kontroller/vokal/DMI
  • Console remote with vokal: All channels exceeding vokal channel count will automatically be switched off
  • Solves an issue with empty local Preset list
  • vokal/DMI forced auto update of kontrollers is a temporary setting until restart.
  • Fixes visual meter issues after screen changes
  • Fixes an audio issue on vokal with EQs

Known issues:

  • When updating from 5.0.0 / 5.1.7 (factory KOS version) settings might lead to vokal routing issue. Workaround: Perform a factory reset.
  • Ktrl Ultimo late packets when too much multicast traffic on network or kontroller Ultimo sends out Multicast Dante Flows: Workaround configure IGMP snooping (See Audinate Dante Level 1/2/3 training) and disable outgoing Multicast Dante Flow on kontroller.

[2021-03-22] Changelog KOS/app 5.1.28 vs 5.1.24

  • Fixes Ultimo Reboot (Phy reset) and vokal front port power up issue.
  • Fixes occasional clicks with ktrl Master Volume emergency mute
  • Fixes Routing issues (visual Phantom Routings, Routing more channels than available, ignore unknown routings, solve routing conflicts)
  • Fixes ktrl lagging Master Volume (gain not saved in routing file)
  • Bi-directional Dante KLANG device naming
  • ktrl Fixed IP settings improved (always show fixed IP, solves potential crash, delete temp. settings if not confirmed)
  • Minor Bugfixes (ktrl group ID start value, regular display repaints, group level auto-adjust)
  • Improvements (Amb/Aux solo state linked to solo button blinking, Channel Menu shows color indicator when channel switched off)

Known issues:

  • Known Issue with EQs in KLANG:vokal in all 5 KOS versions
  • When updating from 5.0.0 / 5.1.7 (factory KOS version) settings might lead to vokal routing issue. Workaround: Perform a factory reset.
  • Ktrl Ultimo late packets when too much multicast traffic on network or kontroller Ultimo sends out Multicast Dante Flows: Workaround configure IGMP snooping (See Audinate Dante Level 1/2/3 training) and disable outgoing Multicast Dante Flow on kontroller.
  • App 2nd/alt Mute/solo Pos/edit Button labels will sometimes not be refreshed properly, Button will behave as expected, but label might be misleading

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