Transfer Settings to new KLANG equipment

Whether you are on tour and have to work with constantly changing KLANG gear at site or you have upgraded to a new KLANG processor, this will help you to get ready to mix in no time.

What you need to bring with you …

  • USB pen drive (for preset exchange and KOS software update)
  • Computer, tablet, phone with latest version of KLANG:app
  • Your KLANG processor Show File (either stored on your device inside of KLANG:app or as a .KLANGshow file)
  • or a Backup or
  • Latest KOS software files to update the processor

Steps on site with new Hardware

Physical Connections

Connect power and to your network for control.

For KLANG processors with built in Dante, always familiarise yourself with the switch settings, the KLANG processors network ports and keep in mind, that all network ports of KLANG processors are switched, i.e. they connect to the same network. Be careful when connecting more than one network cable to your KLANG processor as this might create network loops.
This guide is very brief and intended for users that are familiar with KLANG:app and at least one type of KLANG processor already. Check the quick start guides below for our most recent KLANG processors.

KOS Update

Copy deletePresets to the USB drive, so it sits beside the two KOS Update Files. This will make sure to delete all settings on the new KLANG hardware during the KOS update.

Perform a KOS Update via USB on the new KLANG processor as usual.

IP Network Setup

If you are not working with a DHCP server and you need to configure static/fixed IP addresses do the following:

  • Once KLANG:app is connected to your KLANG processor, go to CONFIG > INFO > SET > Fixed IP
ExampleConsoleKLANG:appKLANG processor
IP Address192.168.1.200
Subnet Mask255.255.0.0255.255.0.0255.255.0.0
Default Gateway192.168.1.1192.168.1.1192.168.1.1

Audio Routing and Clocking

Make sure the sampling rate is set correctly in KLANG:app > CONFIG > SYSTEM, i.e. 48k vs 96kHz


  • Choose your audio clock source
  • Route audio to 3Diem
  • Route mixes from 3Diem back

Transfer KLANG Show File

from USB

If you have a KLANG show file on your USB drive inserted into your KLANG processor, go to CONFIG > PRESETS and navigate to the show files listed under “USB:” and select the file. Click “Transfer from USB”.
Select the file under “KLANG PROCESSOR:” and click on “Load”.

from :app

If you have a KLANG show stored within KLANG:app, go to CONFIG > PRESETS.
Select the file under “THIS APP:” and click on “Transfer & Load”.

Change settings without KLANG processor

Use KLANG:app’s built in offline editor to load, change and save KLANG showfiles anywhere.

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