YAMAHA CL/QL Series: Introducing KLANG IEM Products

Andy Cooper explains workflow benefits of KLANG products with YAMAHA CL/QL consoles

Andy Cooper, Manager for Yamaha Pro Audio Application Engineering, introduces the way of using Yamaha CL/QL series consoles with KLANG In-Ear Monitoring systems such as KLANG:quelle, KLANG:fabrik, and KLANG:app. In the video a setup of YAMAHA QL5 mixing console with built-in Dante functionality, an YAMAHA SWP-1 network switch with separate VLANs for control and Dante networks as well as KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:quelle 19″ is shown. An Apple MacBook Pro running Audinate’s Dante Controller.

“If the singer turns to face the guitarist, then they here the guitar in front and the audience at the side. – It’s virtual reality! It gives the performers a much more natural feel, while keeping while keeping the sonic clarity of the in-ear systems.”

And yCooper

Manager, Yamaha Pro Audio Application Engineering

For details on the system setup, read our dedicated step-by-step articles about KLANG products and YAMAHA CL/QL products or watch the other video about:

Yamaha CL/QL Series: Setting up KLANG:fabrik with CL Series

Connecting Yamaha CL series to KLANG:quelle | Scenario 1 – Dante Headphone Breakout

Connecting Yamaha CL series to KLANG:vier | Scenario 2 – Intermediate | Club Concert

Connecting YAMAHA CL series to KLANG:fabrik | Scenario 3 – Advanced | Touring Setup

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