YAMAHA CL/QL Series: Setting up KLANG:fabrik with CL Series

Yamaha CL/QL Series: Setting up KLANG:fabrik with CL Series

Andy Cooper demonstrates how to set up KLANG IEM Products together with YAMAHA CL/QL Series…

In the following video a Yamaha CL5 console is connected to KLANG:fabrik using a Yamaha SWP1 switch.

Andy Cooper, Manager for Yamaha Pro Audio Application Engineering, demonstrates how to set up Yamaha CL series console with the KLANG:fabrik via Dante.

Equipment list

  • Yamaha CL5
  • KLANG:fabrik
  • Apple Airport Express
  • Yamaha SWP1 network switch
  • iPad & MacBook
  • Audinate Dante Controller

In order to get an overview of the benefits of the combination of  Yamaha CL and KLANG:fabrik take a look at the other video:

YAMAHA CL/QL Series: Introducing KLANG IEM Products

For further details on the system setup and more ideas how to adjust the setup to your requirements, read our other blog articles about KLANG products working with YAMAHA CL products:

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