KLANG:vier is the leaner version of KLANG:fabrik. It offers 5 individual immersive mixes of 24 input channels and 4 studio-grade headphone outputs.


KLANG:vier supports individual immersive in-ear mixes for 5 musicians. You can plug in your 1/4” headphone jacks during rehearsal or use the DB-25 break-out interfaces e.g. for your radio transmitters on stage. Musicians benefit from the high-end headphone amps if they use a hardwired in-ear setup.

As all KLANG processors, :vier is fully compatible with KLANG:app, :kontroller and you can exchange show files easily between all devices.


KLANG’s cutting-edge, immersive products can dramatically elevate the quality of in-ear monitoring in any and every application. Our range has a solution for every scenario.

House of Worship

Every house of worship, regardless of its unique audio setup, ideally needs a flexible in-ear mixing solution that can adapt to a wide variety of scenarios. KLANG will effortlessly meet every requirement.

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