Blog Applications: Musicians

"The musicians definitely felt more comfortable on such a long show, and it has reduced ear fatigue during the tour."

Night of the Proms - Marc Zedda – ME for NOTP

"I always had a hard time using in ears, but from the moment Fred implemented the 3D mix, I could finally close my eyes and hear space. I really enjoy it and can hear all instruments and vocals clearly, doing their thing in exactly the right place."

Selah Sue - Selah Sue – Singer & Songwriter

"KLANG is ideal for flawless 3D in-ear monitoring without any perceived latency."

Slobodan Trkulja/Balkanopolis - Milos Djajic – Sound Engineer for Slobodan Trkulja

"I started to hear elements that would usually disappear in the mix, it was amazingly full of detail. Everything that was on KLANG had to go down in level."

Sigur Rós - Throstur Albertsson – ME for Sigur Rós

"KLANG has taken out so many unknowns and given us so much more consistency. Now, we can focus on making the show better from night to night, rather than just being in survival mode and just trying to make it through the gig without anything catastrophic happening."

Wilderado - Justin Kila – Drummer for Wilderado

"Klang 3d is a game changer! It gave me the sense of “reality" I was missing when using only in-ears, and opened the doors to a whole new level of sound quality. Consequently, at age 66, I’m experiencing the best stage sound of my entire career."

Ebi - Ebi

"The system gives me this extra dimension. When I take into account the spatial placement it provides, it’s hard to see why anyone – bands, solo artists with musical accompaniment or any show – wouldn’t want to enjoy the benefits of KLANG. "

The War of the Worlds - Jeff Wayne - Conductor and Composer