The Future of In-Ear Monitoring

Experience the most advanced in-ear technology in the world.

Imagine you are singing – live on stage. Now you turn around to face your band. Wouldn‘t you wish to hear every single instrument from exactly where you see it and not just from your in-ears?

That is possible with KLANG‘s 3D sound and motion tracking! It all works with your own in-ears. Visit our store to save your KLANG:fabrik today.

Our Products


Your Personal Mixing Desk.

Strong performance. Natural 3D sound. Seamless integration.

  • KLANG:fabrik
  • KLANG:fabrik
  • KLANG:fabrik

Here’s where the magic happens. Combining the most advanced audio algorithms and our unique 3D audio technology, our digital mixing desk called KLANG:fabrik connects to all professional mixing desks and stageboxes (e. g. Dante™, compatible with ADAT). KLANG:fabrik is designed for up to 8 musicians (64 inputs). They plug in their in-ear transmitters or headphone amplifiers via pairs of balanced XLR connectors.

KLANG:fabrik comes with sophisticated personal monitoring features. It is remote-controlled via Ethernet (KLANG:app for iOS, Android, Windows), on its 5 inch touch display or directly with your PC/Mac and allows every musician to easily arrange their individual sound mix. Use our KLANG:fabrik while on stage, in studio or rehearsal. For more information please download our Tech Specs or get in touch with us.


Your Control Center.

Your Personal 3D mix within seconds. Completely intuitive. Perfect control.


The world’s most advanced Personal Monitoring System. KLANG:app is free for all devices and helps you to control your KLANG:fabrik. Our app provides each musician with his own unique and individual sound mix. Position each instrument spatially via drag’n’drop anywhere around your head. Choose between conventional stereo, 3D or i3D.

We provide various effects and additional features. Brilliant sound engineers challenged us while tailoring everything exactly to their needs. Musicians and sound engineers can now simutaneously work on individual mixes in realtime. KLANG:app can also be used for several bands. Simply save different artist profils, their setlists and related pre-sets. Tell us more about your setup.


Your Motion Sensor.

Precise. Interactive. Almost invisible.


Our almost invisible motion tracker captures your movement and creates an interactive 3D in-ear sound. KLANG:vektor enables a sound where the perception of all sound sources is consistent with what your eyes see. The consequence? The most natural in-ear sound on earth. You’ll forget you’re wearing in-ears.

Connect our KLANG:vektor to your existing In-Ears within seconds. You’re finally able to focus on your show. Enter the stage with your KLANG:vektor and create some memorable moments with your fans. KLANG:vektor is available in January, 2015. Pre-order now to be among the first or get in touch with us for further information.

Hear It For Yourself

Reading about 3D In-Ear Monitoring is good. But you need to experience it yourself to feel all the benefits it provides. Please download our KLANG:app with your smartphone or tablet. It’s free. And it will give you a great first impression of how your future 3D In-Ear Monitoring sounds like.

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Visit our KLANG:store. You'll find the KLANG:fabrik there, pre-order the KLANG:vektor and get awesome equipment. For an individual help please contact us directly

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We have a download page with the latest firmware updates for KLANG:fabrik, additional App downloads, further info material and our press kit.

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You have questions about integrating our system into your live setup? You want to know how our systems works together with your FOH or monitoring mixing desk and your In-Ears? You want to schedule a live test, a product test or need more technical details?

We are looking forward to receiving a message form you. Our team consists of experienced musicians, In-Ear experts and FOH/monitoring engineers and we are happy to help you as fast as possible.