In-ear monitoring should deliver an excellent listening experience on stage, and protect hearing. KLANG delivers a natural and intuitive placement of pristine audio that keeps the focus firmly on the art and not the monitor sound.

The shortcomings of stereo can lead to hearing fatigue and even damage, leaving musicians dissatisfied and insecure. While an experienced sound engineer can mitigate the worst effects, there is always a sense of compromise. KLANG brings the natural, immersive, “real life” hearing experience into the controlled environment of IEM. And by giving musicians this carefree, intuitive experience, it consigns such compromises to history.

iPads or iPhones at each stage position provide worship team members with a comprehensive overview of all levels

Lower levels. Better mixes.

We believe that a perfect monitor mix is the key to a perfect live performance. Effective in-ear monitoring is in ever-increasing demand, but the compromises forced upon musicians byunnatural stereo can limit creativity and playfulness. Insecurity can arise from a lack of transparency and naturalness and lack of connection to the audience and band-mates, leading to dull and functional mixes that are pragmatic rather than full, enjoyable and inspiring.

Our innovative, immersive personal monitor mixing solutions constitute THE major breakthrough development since in-ear monitoring was introduced. From a four-piece function band working to improve sound in the rehearsal room, to an international touring artist on the road with a large scale production, KLANG has a full range of products that can elevate the IEM experience of every musician to previously undreamed heights.

“KLANG’s immersive monitoring is a game changer! It gave me the sense of “reality” I was missing when using only in-ears, and opened the doors to a whole new level of sound quality. Consequently, at age 66, I’m experiencing the best stage sound of my entire career.”


– Iranian Superstar

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