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Regardless of often unique audio designs, every house of worship needs a flexible in-ear mixing solution that easily adapts to any scenario. KLANG will effortlessly meet every requirement.

Houses of worship manage a variety of technical and artistic challenges as they strive to deliver memorable services with a music and production on broadway-level. Musicians with varying levels of technical education need to feel confident on stage, challenging audio teams to create flexible and versatile solutions that ensure the best experience and outcomes. KLANG provides the very best tools for the job

Setting The Tone For Excellence

The aim of every audio team operating in a house of worship is to offer its musicians and congregation the very best experience. Whatever the architecture of the space, whatever the technical setup, the best results will be achieved by musicians who feel comfortable on stage and are able to hear everything in the mix exactly as they wish. In-ear monitoring that can meet these demands is therefore high on any list of audio priorities. KLANG offers personal mixing solutions for musicians, direct control by a dedicated monitor engineer, and flexible solutions in between.

For an uncluttered stage, KLANG:kontroller is powered over Ethernet without the need for additional cabling or power supply. It integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure, guaranteeing that its impact is confined solely to the delivery of exceptional sound.

“It just feels so natural, like you’re not using in-ears at all, and that’s the highest compliment you can pay to a monitoring system.”

Austin Haggerton

– Seven Rivers Church Technical Director

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    “KLANG gives you a set-up option right out of the box that lets you get moving quickly and reliably, lets you see what you’re doing at a glance—the ability to color-code and group things really helps that—and makes the entire system very easy to understand and use. The sound really is great—that was a comment that everyone had right from the start. They were hearing themselves as they never had before.”

    Gateway Church – Brandon Conn – Senior Audio Engineer
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