“KLANG has made my life so much easier, and it’s been a game-changer for keeping artists happy on stage. After all, if they’re happy, I’m happy!”

Sarah Brightman – Lewe Redlin – Monitor Engineer for Sarah Brightman

“The KLANG system noticeably improves sound quality, allowing for greater precision and control that leads to more dynamic performances. As someone who has experienced the advantages first-hand, I strongly encourage everyone to give it a try, as the benefits are evident right from the first song.”

Santiano – Ravi Rai – Monitor Engineer for Santiano

“The KLANG technology is taking something that’s already special and making it even more so. As you can tell in how we applied the DMI-KLANG processor to the streaming broadcasts, we like to take chances and experiment, and in this case, it created something truly remarkable.”

Minnesota Orchestra – Jay Perlman – Head Audio Engineer

“Altogether, the addition of the KLANG system has been a game changer, definitely for the better, for everyone.”

Olive Baptist Church – Allen Hendrix – Director of Media Production

“KLANG is definitely the logical evolution of in-ear monitoring. It cleans up the sound so wonderfully, making it easier to place challenging signals like a Leslie or the audience mics in the mix. It offers full control via the Quantum 338, including automation.”

PUR – Dirk Happel – ME for PUR

“With this density of material, it seemed that for the band’s in-ear monitoring KLANG would be the only viable option. It’s the only system that allows you to easily spread the sources around the sound field, giving the space in the mix that the performers need.”

Hans Zimmer – Colin Pink – FOH for Hans Zimmer

“The musicians definitely felt more comfortable on such a long show, and it has reduced ear fatigue during the tour.”

Night of the Proms – Marc Zedda – ME for NOTP

“With so many shows, it’s more important than ever to carry a system like KLANG, which is much more relaxing to listen to and greatly reduces ear fatigue. When given a choice, a Quantum5 loaded with a DMI-KLANG card will always be my go-to.”

Pitbull – Matt Holden – ME for Pitbull

“Prior to having KLANG in our setup, we had to pause rehearsals for several minutes at a time to request mix changes. Now we’re able to give our full attention to music. The band has full control and the vocal team has access to our stage manager to discretely and quickly get their mixes right without pulling focus or interrupting the flow of rehearsal.”

First Baptist Church Woodstock – Cliff Duren – FCBW’s Worship Pastor

“I always had a hard time using in ears, but from the moment Fred implemented the 3D mix, I could finally close my eyes and hear space. I really enjoy it and can hear all instruments and vocals clearly, doing their thing in exactly the right place.”

Selah Sue – Selah Sue – Singer & Songwriter

“KLANG is ideal for flawless 3D in-ear monitoring without any perceived latency.”

Slobodan Trkulja/Balkanopolis – Milos Djajic – Sound Engineer for Slobodan Trkulja

“I started to hear elements that would usually disappear in the mix, it was amazingly full of detail. Everything that was on KLANG had to go down in level.”

Sigur Rós – Throstur Albertsson – ME for Sigur Rós