June 5, 2024

Enhancing Theatrical Soundscapes: Shochiku Showbiz Studio Integrates KLANG

Shochiku Showbiz Studios Ltd., a subsidiary of the esteemed Shochiku Group, plays a pivotal role in the sound services industry, offering expertise in sound reinforcement, theatre operations, studio recording, music production, and audio editing.

Translated from Hibino’s original article.

The company oversees sound services for prestigious venues such as Kabuki-za Theatre, Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre, Minamiza Theatre in the Kansai region, Osaka Shochikuza Theatre, and Shin Kabuki-za Theatre, contributing significantly to the cultural heritage of these theatres.

KLANG:technologies :kontroller set up for each musician in the orchestra pit.
A total of 22 kontrollers for Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion and Guitars.

“KLANG’s system is remarkable for its quick setup.”

Yuichi Goto

– Sound Engineer at Shochiku Showbiz Studio

In a bid to further enhance the auditory experience, Shochiku Showbiz Studio has recently integrated KLANG’s state-of-the-art personal monitoring systems with KLANG:vokal and 22 :kontroller.

Yuichi Gojo, the sound engineer responsible for orchestrating the operations, shared his insights on the system’s efficiency: “KLANG’s system is remarkable for its quick setup. By completing the pre-settings beforehand, we can effortlessly connect the system on-site, similar to preparing for a performance. The kontrollers offer intuitive operation, minimizing confusion for musicians. Additionally, the channel settings can be managed instantly via the user-friendly app.”

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