Monitor Engineer Nathan Bond Adopts KLANG for City and Colour

02.12.2021 - "My initial focus was to use KLANG just for Dallas; to make the switch [to IEMs] as comfortable as possible for him.  I feel like we've done that.  This is the first time he's used in-ears exclusively, and it went… Read more

London Concert Orchestra uses KLANG to deliver world’s favourite dance classics at Ministry of Sound Classical

16.11.2021 - Ministry of Sound Classical (MoS Classical) is a celebration of 30 years of Ministry of Sound’s favourite dance classics performed by the London Concert Orchestra. As this spectacular show prepared to take to the stage for a highly anticipated return… Read more

DiGiCo and KLANG give Midas Korolev the golden touch

26.10.2021 - Highly respected Russian sound engineer, Aleksey ‘Midas’ Korolev, has recently moved to an immersive audio environment, expanding his work with d&b’s Soundscape system by adding KLANG’s immersive in ear system to his workflow. The move to KLANG also prompted him… Read more

Sound Devices Joins Audiotonix Group

14.10.2021 - Audiotonix, the group which comprises the Allen & Heath, Calrec, DiGiCo, DiGiGrid, Group One Limited, KLANG:technologies, and Solid State Logic entertainment technology brands, announces the acquisition of US-based Sound Devices LLC as part of its expanding group. The transaction, which… Read more

Dirigiere deinen Mix - KLANG kündigt KLANG:konductor auf der PLASA 2021 an

07.09.2021 - Mit dem Gedanken an maximale Flexibilität hat KLANG die KLANG:konductor: Den bisher leistungsstärksten und vielseitigsten immersiven In-Ear-Mixing-Prozessor, entwickelt, der Konnektivität bietet, die für heute und morgen gerüstet ist. „Nach dem Zusammenschluss mit DiGiCo im Jahr 2018 und der anschließenden Workflow-Integration… Read more

Orchestrating your mix - KLANG announces new KLANG:konductor at PLASA 2021

06.09.2021 - With maximum flexibility in mind, KLANG has created the KLANG:konductor, its most powerful and versatile immersive in-ear mixing processor to date, delivering connectivity that is ready for today and tomorrow. “After joining forces with DiGiCo in 2018 and the release… Read more

DPA Microphones and KLANG:technologies Collaborate On Fully Immersive In-Ear Solution

03.09.2021 - DPA Microphones and KLANG:technologies have teamed up to create a system that will enable live event teams to immerse singers and musicians in their on-stage performances. The solution integrates DPA’s renowned 5100 Mobile Surround Microphone and KLANG’s ground-breaking Immersive Mixing… Read more

Verdi Requiem live stream gets exquisite immersive audio treatment with KLANG:fabrik

31.08.2021 - The spectacular 17th Century Teatro Municipale in Italy’s Piacenza reopened its doors with a stunning rendition of Verdi’s Requiem. Directed by famous tenor Placido Domingo and performed by the Arturo Toscanini Philharmonic orchestra and the City Theatre Choir, the concert… Read more

Quantum338 and DMI-KLANG Grow Christ Chapel Bible Church’s DiGiCo/KLANG Ecosystem

09.07.2021 - The addition of the new Q338 and DMI card at the church's Fort Worth flagship underscores the benefits of consistent and complementary audio technologies across multiple locations FORT WORTH, Texas – Southlake, Texas-based AV systems integrator Digital Resources recently installed… Read more

KG Movie envisages new future with DiGiCo and KLANG

30.06.2021 - Kolkata-based event management and audio visual rental company, KG Movie, is one of the popular choices among event clients in India. Founded in 2001 by Manoj Singh, KG Movie has developed an exclusive offering that is a rare, out-of-the-box service… Read more

KLANG Empowers Musicians and Vocalists at Watkinsville First Baptist Church

02.06.2021 - Paired with a DiGiCo SD12 96 console at FOH, a KLANG:fabrik offers user-friendliness, flexibility and fantastic audio quality while eliminating the need for a monitor desk When Watkinsville First Baptist Church (WFBC) finally celebrated the opening of its 31,000-square-foot sanctuary… Read more

Global Kingdom Toronto Upgrades with DiGiCo Quantum 338 and KLANG

20.05.2021 - For Global Kingdom, the mid-pandemic upgrade to their audio systems is all about staying ahead of the curve and expanding the reach of the message they preach. While Coronavirus restrictions hastened the Toronto-based church’s efforts to enhance their ministry, using… Read more

Unite180 Deliver A Professional Broadcast For Online Services

22.04.2021 - Unite180, a church based in Pretoria, recently invested in a DiGiCo SD12 Console for FOH, a Waves eMotion LV1 Mixer (64 Stereo Channel) for broadcast and was also the first in South Africa to purchase a DMI-Klang Card all from… Read more

A beautiful sound at South African immersive audio demo

26.03.2021 - A powerful demonstration featuring L-Acoustic’s L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Technology and Klang:technologies, highlighted how a show could translate into a memorable experience for a live audience and those watching the broadcast from home via a live streaming platform.  Presented by Immersive… Read more

KLANG gets into the Flow at Seven Rivers Church

02.03.2021 - There is a difference when it comes to in-ear monitoring, this Florida church discovers, as it moves up to the top level of in-ear technology with a new DMI-KLANG interface Founded in 1983, Seven Rivers Church, a large and growing… Read more

KLANG stellt haptischen Personal Monitoring Kontroller und neuen Prozessor vor

16.02.2021 - KLANG hat die zeitgleiche Veröffentlichung des neuen KLANG:kontroller, eines Hardware-Controllers, der mit allen bestehenden immersiven In-Ear-Prozessoren von KLANG kompatibel ist, und des neuen Prozessors KLANG:vokal bekannt gegeben, der Musikern ein völlig neues Personal Monitoring Erlebnis bietet. Der KLANG:kontroller mit der… Read more

KLANG makes it personal with new immersive Kontroller for musicians

12.02.2021 - Hier klicken für deutsche Version KLANG has announced the combined release of its new KLANG:kontroller, a hardware controller that is compatible with all KLANG immersive in-ear mixing processors, and its new processor, KLANG:vokal, bringing a whole new level of personal… Read more

KLANG is Key to Gateway Church’s New Model for Satellite Campus Audio Design

02.02.2021 - Newly opened Prosper location uses with four KLANG:fabrik units for immersive stage monitoring, creating an efficient and effective infrastructure template for the future When Gateway Church, the largest congregation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and one of the largest churches… Read more

Lakewood Baptist Church Advances Monitoring with KLANG:fabrik

22.12.2020 - Production/Co specifies the immersive IEM mixing systemas a huge step forward in flexibility and sound quality Lakewood Baptist Church in Gainesville, Georgia has purchased two KLANG:fabrik immersive IEM mixing systems for use in its main worship sanctuary. The units were… Read more

Florida’s Mosaic Church Adds Second KLANG:fabrik to Increase Channel Count and Processing Power

23.11.2020 - KLANG lets the church’s dozen vocalists and musicians precisely customize their personal monitoring while taking the workload off of the front of house engineer Like many churches adapting to conditions around COVID-19, Winter Garden, Florida’s Mosaic Church has had to… Read more