Blog Applications: Studio / Broadcast

"KLANG’s system is remarkable for its quick setup."

Shochiku Showbiz Studio - Yuichi Goto – Sound Engineer at Shochiku Showbiz Studio

"The KLANG technology is taking something that’s already special and making it even more so. As you can tell in how we applied the DMI-KLANG processor to the streaming broadcasts, we like to take chances and experiment, and in this case, it created something truly remarkable."

Minnesota Orchestra - Jay Perlman – Head Audio Engineer

"With producers now so highly restricted as to how to put shows on and what those shows can do, KLANG offers them an experience they can use to set their productions apart.The system lets a show convey the true dynamics of a live concert in a real venue over the internet."

Sixth Sense Creative House - Tom Worley | Operations Manager at 3D Productions, Inc.