Blog Applications: Theatre

"KLANG’s system is remarkable for its quick setup."

Shochiku Showbiz Studio - Yuichi Goto – Sound Engineer at Shochiku Showbiz Studio

"It’s much more aligned with how our ears and brains process information on a day-to-day basis, rather than simply putting on a pair of headphones and working with stereo limitations. It’s about trying to make it feel as natural as if you weren’t wearing headphones or in-ears. It just blew my mind!"

The Time Traveller’s Wife - Richard Brooker – Sound Designer at “The Time Traveller’s Wife"

"The band, which already plays with in-ears on a regular basis, was really taken with the possibilities KLANG gave them and the open and transparent mix. They reported to me, that it felt almost like playing without in-ears."

Paulus Choir - Markus Gorges – Technical advisor and Head of Audio

"It’s very user friendly and takes just a few minutes to get set up. Once it’s patched, I’m basically unaware of it. I have the icon on my computer screen showing where everything is but it doesn’t actually affect the way I mix – it’s just there, set, creating lots of lovely space!"

Becky Pell - Monitor Engineer, The War of the Worlds

"The system gives me this extra dimension. When I take into account the spatial placement it provides, it’s hard to see why anyone – bands, solo artists with musical accompaniment or any show – wouldn’t want to enjoy the benefits of KLANG. "

The War of the Worlds - Jeff Wayne - Conductor and Composer

"KLANG was instrumental to the project’s success, and the production crew couldn’t be happier. People from the visually impaired community were invited to one show, and it was very rewarding for us to receive feedback from them saying how much they were enjoying it. Our only concern with the production was ear fatigue from wearing headphones but, surprisingly, no one complained, which is a testament to how great this product is."

’Til the End of the World, We’ll Meet in no Man’s Land’ - Uthaiyan Kumanan | Technical Director and Sound Designer