January 5, 2017

Tobi Raunigk & Adulescens | 3D Headphone Silent Tour with KLANG:fabrik



Visonary audio engineer Tobias Raunigk gives insights on his immersive 3D headphone club tour setup for German band Adulescens with KLANG:fabrik.

Video Interview with Tobi Raunigk

Watch the video interview with 3D headphone sound capture. Please wear headphones!

Thanks to Tom Wendt for shooting this video:

And another video interview with the entire band and English subtiles:


Pictures from the 3D Headphone Silent Tour


Stage Rack Setup

from top to bottom:
  • 2 x 4 channelPalmer DIs for synths (each 1 RU)
  • Radio transmitter for Silent Events headphones (silver, approx 1 RU)
  • KLANG:fabrik (2 RU)
  • Allen&Heath Stagebox (3 RU)


On Stage – Drummer’s corner

• Ludwig drumkit modified as E-drum kit
• Mesh heads with triggers
• E-crash cymbals
• Sample rack with trigger inputs, a Drumpad and 8 channel interface for drum sounds
• MacBook with KLANG:app and drum sample library


Mixing Console – FoH spot

• Allen&Heath GLD-80
• MacBook with Dante Controller, OSCulator and KLANG:app to overview the mixes (Ethernet cable)
• Apple iPad with KLANG:app for immersive 3D panning control (WiFi)
• The same Silent Events wireless headset as the audience to monitor the sound mix


Band Setup and Instruments

• The band members are arranged in a circle surrounded by the audience.
• In the center of it light effects

adulescens_tobiraunigk_3658 adulescens_tobiraunigk_3648 adulescens_tobiraunigk_3613


Audio mixing setup


Audio routingadulescens2 Remote control of KLANG:fabrik

From the faders and pan knobs of the Allen & Heath mixing console GLD80 control messages via TCP midi are sent to a Mac Book running OSCulator 3. From there OSC commands for the FOH headphone mix in KLANG:fabrik is sent. Tobi Raunigk has full control from the faders of his console and uses KLANG:app to monitor these settings and tweak spatial positioning. The band mixes can be adjusted via KLANG:app.

Read more on using OSCulator with KLANG:fabrik.

About the Wireless Headphones

Read more on the headphones on the Silent Events homepage.



Thanks for reading. Please let us know if you have questions about the setup or remarks on what you want to read more about.