October 28, 2016

WFX Worship Facilities Conference and Expo 2016

From Wednesday, September 20, 2016 till Thursday September 21, 2016 the gates at the WFX expo opened in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The WFX Worship Facilities Conference and Expo is one of the most important shows. It was the first year for KLANG to partipate in this show through the great support of KLANG’s exclusive U.S. distributor GroupOne Limited. “We are overwhelmed by the positive response and hundrets of interested visitors listening for the first time to a natural and spatial personal in-ear mix with their own set of headphones and in-ears” says Pascal Dietrich, CMO of German company KLANG:technologies GmbH. He continues: “The WFX Expo 2016 is our kick-off event for the house of worship market and more seminars and and demo shows are about to follow shortly in North America”.


Ryan Shelton, Professional Audio and Sales for GroupOne Limited ads: “While the WFX show is never the largest show we do, it is definitely one of the best shows we do. The attendees are always interested in learning about new products and solutions to the common issues everyone faces in houses of worship across the US and beyond. We saw a lot of people stopping by to “hear” 3D in-ear processing and to get their hands on demo of KLANG:fabrik.”