Formatting a USB Drive for KOS

For KOS Updates and also for Preset Import/Export and Export of Log files the USB drive needs to be correctly formatted and have the correct partition scheme. Most USB drives work out of the box and do not require any tweaking.

We need a single Fat/Fat32 formatted partition and the partition scheme needs to be Master Boot Record (MBR). When a KOS update is still not starting after formatting the drive to Fat/Fat32 we need to look at the partition scheme.

It is easy to fix this and you will find instructions for Windows and Mac OS below.


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To check simply use the graphic tool

    1. Open the command window, e.g. press WIN + R

    1. Type: diskmgmt.msc and press ENTER

    1. Right click on the USB disk > Properties

    1. Check if partition type is “Master Boot Record (MBR)”. If not, proceed with the following steps to fix it.

To edit the scheme:

    1. Open Command Prompt (Windows Key + R > Then type CMD and hit ENTER)

    1. Type: diskpart

    1. Type: list disk

    1. Choose the disk number corresponding to the USB drive and type e.g.:
      select disk 2

    1. Type: clean  (You might need to try this again if it does not work)

    1. Type: create partition primary

    1. Type: format fs=fat32 quick (This might take a few minutes)

    1. Type: assign


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  1. Open Disk Utility
  2. First, you must go to View > Show All Devices. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Otherwise you will not see the correct partitions!

  1. In the left pane under “External” chose the top entry for the USB drive. Right click on it > Erase…

  1. Choose Format: “MS-DOS (FAT)” and Scheme: “Master Boot Record” and click “Erase”. If you do not have the Scheme dropdown, go back to step 2 und make sure to chose the top entry in step 3).

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