“”Klang 3d is a game changer! It gave me the sense of “reality” I was missing when using only in-ears, and opened the doors to a whole new level of sound quality. Consequently, at age 66, I’m experiencing the best stage sound of my entire career.” “

Ebi – Ebi

“It’s very user friendly and takes just a few minutes to get set up. Once it’s patched, I’m basically unaware of it. I have the icon on my computer screen showing where everything is but it doesn’t actually affect the way I mix – it’s just there, set, creating lots of lovely space!” Becky Pell Me Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds”

Becky Pell – The War of the Worlds – Monitor Engineer

“KLANG gives you a set-up option right out of the box that lets you get moving quickly and reliably, lets you see what you’re doing at a glance—the ability to color-code and group things really helps that—and makes the entire system very easy to understand and use. The sound really is great—that was a comment that everyone had right from the start. They were hearing themselves as they never had before.”

Coltyn Cooley – Church Technical Director – Brandon Conn – Senior Audio Engineer

“We know it sounds good out here, but now they can hear just how good it sounds on stage!”

Lakewood Baptist Church – Coltyn Cooley – Church Technical Director

“The KLANG:fabrik has really increased the efficiency of our workflow, but it’s also enhanced how we operate as a worship team.”

Mosaic Church – Jeff Amato, manager of the church’s Production & Technology

“The KLANG system is so good! Looking back, it was clearly the best decision we could have made, and the difference in quality and separation is astounding.”

Good News Church – Aaron Ott – Band Leader

“KLANG provides us with the flexibility and audio intelligibility that our musicians and vocalists absolutely love.”

Action Church – John Williams – Experience Director

“They literally had no idea this science was possible. They can put the click above their heads, for instance, and build a virtual stage that reflects where each of them are standing on the actual stage. This creates a realistic in-ear environment that helps them hear everything accurately, because they can hear each other where they are physically, not just left and right. It’s made a huge difference for them.”

Willowbrook Baptist Church – Charles Thompson – Lead Designer

“I may have been one who thought the idea sounded like a gimmick, but once I heard it and got more info, I was converted in less than one sentence, ‘The way we were designed to hear.’ KLANG’s immersive audio processing platform unravels the competition’s flat stereo world and makes in-ear-monitors come to life.”

Woodbury Lutheran Church – Joel Wetzstein – Worship Director

“I remember the first time I heard a demo of the KLANG system and I thought, ‘This is fantastic,’ especially for any church or organization that has to rely to some extent on volunteers to run their systems. “

Watkinsville First Baptist Church – Worship Pastor Jason Dominey