“KLANG is truly immersive, and enables me to create spatial envelopment in the mix – it’s very special and there has never been anything like it,” concludes Morgan. “I do a lot of studio work mixing cinema sound and various mixes for streaming, and what strikes me is that KLANG can take these output formats and give them genuine spatial dimensions, which historically you can only do offline using plug-ins. KLANG can do all that live!”

Cineramageddon at Glastonbury – Dan Morgan | Sound Engineer

“There have been overwhelming good responses to the show, citing how different and sensorial it is. KLANG was instrumental to the project’s success, and the production crew couldn’t be happier. People from the visually impaired community were invited to one show, and it was very rewarding for us to receive feedback from them saying how much they were enjoying it. Our only concern with the production was ear fatigue from wearing headphones but, surprisingly, no one complained, which is a testament to how great this product is. It doesn’t feel like you’re lis…

’Til the End of the World, We’ll Meet in no Man’s Land’ – Uthaiyan Kumanan | Technical Director and Sound Designer

“KLANG is a game changer. They’ve really set the bar high with their 3D technology. Easy to use, intuitive and providing a mix with so much depth, KLANG:fabrik is my new best friend.”

Roger Hodgson – Guillaume Briand | Monitor & FOH Engineer