“I may have been one who thought the idea sounded like a gimmick, but once I heard it and got more info, I was converted in less than one sentence, ‘The way we were designed to hear.’ KLANG’s immersive audio processing platform unravels the competition’s flat stereo world and makes in-ear-monitors come to life.”

Woodbury Lutheran Church – Joel Wetzstein – Worship Director

“I remember the first time I heard a demo of the KLANG system and I thought, ‘This is fantastic,’ especially for any church or organization that has to rely to some extent on volunteers to run their systems.”

Watkinsville First Baptist Church – Worship Pastor Jason Dominey

“The system gives me this extra dimension. When I take into account the spatial placement it provides, it’s hard to see why anyone – bands, solo artists with musical accompaniment or any show – wouldn’t want to enjoy the benefits of KLANG. “

The War of the Worlds – Jeff Wayne – Conductor and Composer

“With producers now so highly restricted as to how to put shows on and what those shows can do, KLANG offers them an experience they can use to set their productions apart.The system lets a show convey the true dynamics of a live concert in a real venue over the internet.”

Sixth Sense Creative House – Tom Worley | Operations Manager at 3D Productions, Inc.

“KLANG:kontroller and KLANG:vokal are a perfect fit for me and my clients. After initial setup, they can easily handle tiny tweaks themselves with the intuitive and fast control interface, giving me the extra time to focus on the front of house sound. My artists used to feel isolated using In-Ears before. But that’s a thing from the past, with KLANG’s immerseve mix engine now.”

Tom Meyer – Sound Engineer

“In all honesty, I was surprised that the system lived up to the hype, but it certainly did! The band was really positive about it. Normally wearing in-ears is tiring but I noticed that as there’s more space in the mix, a lot of the presenting worship leaders left their ear-pieces in for the duration of each session, and they even appeared to be enjoying the listening experience.”

Soul Survivor Festival – John Gale | Monitor Engineer

“Basically, after 10 minutes of moving stuff around himself while the band played, he finally gave it a try. One song was all it took. He said, ‘It’s what I’ve always been looking for; buy it!’ And that was it.”

Ghost – Ian ‘Squid’ Walsh | Monitor Engineer