“As soon as you start using it, everything is where it needs to be. Literally!”

Chris Ntaskas – FOH & Monitor engineer

“There´s nothing more important than having a pleasant and good monitoring sound if you´re on the road with your band every week. During the last years we had problems with our conventional monitoring system over and over again and that´s why we contacted KLANG. The KLANG system made the last year the most relaxed year for our ears so far. Perfect sound which also is easy to handle. Just incredibly practible. On top of that there´s a great team and perfect service!”

Florian Brügge – Freelance Musician

“The quality of Klang monitoring system is so good. Comparing this with other manufacturers, Audio is so much clearer, and I can really hear it’s not cluttered, as it is 3D mixing.”

Caleb Tay – Caleb Tay