:app menu – CONFIG > CONNECT

Connect to KLANG devices on your network and manage the user settings.

Control Device List

  • If you are in Show mode you will see a list of KLANG processors in the Control device list. Click on the unit and choose the user from the quick user switching bar at the top.
  • When working in Admin mode, the list will show all mixes of all units on the network. Choose a user by simply touching the appropriate button. (See below for more information on the different modes and how to with between them.)
  • When working in musician or personal mode, the control device list will show all available mixes on the currently connected KLANG processor.
If your device is not shown in the list, first check if it is shown in admin mode. Then follow this link for troubleshooting

Search & Sort Devices

Especially when several KLANG processors, :apps and :kontrollers are found on the network, it is essential to quickly find the device that you want to connect to.

Go to CONFIG > CONNECT and type in a keyword right next to the loupe icon. All devices that contain this keyword in any of the announcements (type, name, IP, KOS version, etc) will be shown.

Click on the Drop Down menu to choose from any of the following sorting priorities

  • Name
  • IP
  • Type
  • Serial
  • Version

Configure General Mix Settings

User Name & Assign Icon

You can then edit the user name with your keyboard and assign an icon. This icon and user name is shown with the next update in the quick user switching bar as well.

Hide (Unused) Mixes

The processing power and the number of mixes of the 2nd generation KLANG processors is great and offers freedom of choice. But sometimes you want to clean up the fast user switch bar, e.g. because a mix is not required for a show but will be required soon again.

Go to CONFIG > CONNECT, select a mix and click on HIDE MIX.

This mix is still shown in CONFIG > CONNECT in Admin mode, so you can always revert this settings. It will be hidden in the top fast user switch bar. And it will be hidden in Musician and Personal mode and on :kontroller entirely.

This is a great way to clean up the list of available mixes if they are unused.

Assign motion-tracker

You can configure your tablet or smart phone as motion tracker.

Assign EQ

For each musician’s mix an output EQ is available if working in 44.1/48k w/ EQ mode. Choose from the ASSIGN EQ dropdown in CONFIG -> CONNECT in Admin mode from a list of useful EQ presets.

Phase Invert

Flip the polarity of the stereo output signal with “Phase Invert” in CONFIG > CONNECT. This is particularly useful on loud stages where the bass signal from the PA or the monitors interfers with the in-ear signal.

Remote :app/:kontroller management

Rename KLANG:app devices

Just as KLANG processors and :kontrollers, KLANG:app devices can now be identified by custom names. [KKA-347]

Switch to Mix…

When assigning mixes to KLANG:apps and :kontrollers, a button lets you now switch directly to that mix and tweak settings. [KKA-215]

Connected Devices

When connected to a particular mix on a KLANG processor, a drop down list now shows you all :apps and :kontrollers that are currently connected to that mix. With a click on the list entry you can switch to that :app and :kontroller and configure its settings, i.e. musician, personal or admin mode. [KKA-216]

All devices that are connected to a KLANG processor are shown in CONFIG > INFO.

Offline Editor

Imagine you are on a tour bus or at home and don’t have access to any KLANG hardware, but you want to prepare a show. No problem, we have created an Offline Editor feature that simulates any KLANG processor. It let’s you connect to it, load and save show files and even allow other :apps on your local network to connect to it. Of course, this feature is built directly into KLANG:app so there is no additional software required.

With the Offline Editor it is also possible to run the KLANG DiGiCo console integration, i.e. use any of the DiGiCo console offline software alongside KLANG:app and setup the console remote.

To start the Offline Editor make sure you are in Admin Mode, then go to CONFIG > CONNECT. Click on OFFLINE EDITOR.

This will start a simulation of a KLANG processor inside this KLANG:app “KAEDITOR @”.

The network status above CONFIG turns blue when connected to the local Offline Editor.

Go to CONFIG > SYSTEM to change any of the following settings of the simulated KLANG processor to your needs:

  • Processor type
  • Clock speed mode (sampling rate)
  • EQ mode
  • [Number of mixes, number of inputs: only for KLANG:fabrik]

Click on Change Offline Editor Settings to apply the changes.

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