KLANG:app does not discover any devices

KLANG:app communicates over IP network messages.

The device running KLANG:app has to be in the same network and in the same IP address range as the KLANG hardware. Firstly, check that the network cable is connected properly and the network connectivity and activity LEDs are blinking. Check that the device running KLANG:app has proper ethernet or WLAN connectivity and that it is connected to the same network as the KLANG hardware.

As a second troubleshooting step, make sure to temporarily disable firewalls.

KLANG:vier, :fabrik, :kontroller and :vokal use internally two different IP addresses. One for Dante connectivity and one for Control of the 3D in-ear mixing processor. Depending on the Dante switch configuration for  fabrik: and :vier the two network ports are internally combined (default) or separated (redundant, switch separate control) or VLANs might be configured on :vokal or :kontroller.

In some cases, MS Windows prevents broadcast messages to be sent to all existing network adapters, so the handshake with KLANG:app cannot be completed successfully.

Workaround: Try to deactivate unused adapters like VMware or VirtualBox virtual adapters.

It might be necessary to check Firewall settings. Workaround: temporarily deactivity your computer’s firewall.

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