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KLANG:app supports four user modes that distinguish musicians and engineers / system administrators. These modes can be switched by pressing and holding the CONFIG button for 3 seconds.


Shared control of your own mix

The Musician mode mode mainly allows to mix and position the pre-defined inputs for one mix of a KLANG processor. This mode lets the user focus on playing his instrument and disables distracting features that are used to configure KLANG immersive processors, :kontroller or other :apps.

In musicians mode, the CONFIG button is not shown, but it is invisible in the same position as in admin or show mode.


Full control of your own mix only

The Personal Mode is designed to be used by musicians that want to save their settings on their personal device, e.g. tablet or smartphone. Hence, in comparison to Musician mode it offers  a Show File menu, where each file is stored not on the KLANG hardware but on the remote device. Additionally, loading and saving a show file or recalling a snapshot will set this mix to recall safe on the KLANG hardware. If snapshots are recalled by another person in Show or Admin mode this will not affect the mix of the user in Personal mode.

Personal mode is recommended for all musicians that have a substitute on some gigs. Make it a habit and store your personal show file when a gig is finished and recall your personal show file after login to the KLANG hardware to start where you left.


Fast control of all mixes

The Show mode allows to log into any mix of the unit and set channel names, colors, icons, order, link, etc. In this mode, settings (Show files and snapshots) can also be stored and recalled. Additionally, it allows for fast user switching and to CUE into mixes (“listen to” feature). This feature allows to copy (clone) the sound output of a particular user to another user, e.g. for pre-listening and mixing for monitor engineers.


Full control of all settings available

The Admin mode enables all features of the previous modes and allows to route audio, monitor clock, voltage and software versions for administrators.

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