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How to Mix the Levels of Instruments?

KLANG:app’s FADER menu is all about the level control of instruments and the balance between them. The menu has two views – Channel Faders and Group Balance. 

While the primary view in Technician and Admin mode is Channel Faders, the Group Balance is the primary mode in the Musicians Mode.

Channel Faders

Faders are the basic control element of every mixing console. What is so different here, you might ask? It’s the combination of new features that help you mix faster and overcome the obstacles of common gain limitations at the same time.

Fader Slider

Touch or click on the fader handle and move it up or down to increase or decrease the fader volume.

faders touch

Each channel is labelled with the channel name, shows the channel icon and has the color specified in the CONFIG/CHANNELS menu. The pre-fader meters are shown on the left edge of each channel fader; stereo linked channel pairs will have two meters. The channel level in dB is indicated just above the icon. It ranges up to 0 dB.

Scroll through Channels

Touch or click somewhere on the fader and swipe left or right to scroll through the channels. KLANG:app stores this position, even if you switch to different users. Additionally, there is a white scroll bar below the faders. On Windows and Mac, the Arrow up/left and down/right keys can also be used for scrolling.

Mute and Solo

If you want to mute a channel, click on Mute and the Mute icon will turn active. To deactivate, click Mute again. The same works for the Solo button.

Please note that Solo and Mute will work on both mixes in CUE mode, the one going to the artist and the one for the monitor engineer using the CUE mode.


Master Fader

The MASTER VOLUME fader is always at the right side of your display. The post fader outputs of the current user are shown on the right edge of this fader.

More me – Auto Adjust Faders

The + (plus) sign is a particularly helpful feature when mixing the levels. Assume your channel fader is already at maximum (0 dB) but your master fader has still not reached its upper limit. Press the + on your channel and KLANG:app will immediately bring up the volume of this channel by increasing the level of ALL other channels AND increasing the MASTER VOLUME if still possible. The same works on the MASTER VOLUME. Let’s assume this master fader is at its limit but all your channels are still below their maximum. Click on the on the master channel and KLANG:app will bring up all input channels automatically.


This works in 0.5 dB steps. The  brings down the level of a channel in 0.5 dB steps. Please note: It will not undo the changes you made with the +.



Click again on the FADERS icon to get to the DCA GROUPS view. The Group Balance mixing view is incredibly helpful for musicians that have to mix their in-ears for themselves.

In contrary to the Channel Faders functionality, the Group Balance does not directly change the absolute levels of a group. It can be considered as some kind of VCA or DCA channel (available on most digital mixing consoles). You can Mute or Solo groups as you can do with the channels. The color, icons and names are shown as specified in the CONFIG/CHANNELS menu. A group level meter is shown as well.

The core difference is the + and  button. It changes the balance between the channels of the activated group and the other groups’ channels. If you for example click on the + of the guitar group, this will bring up the guitars a bit and at the same time lower the volume of the rest accordingly. With this approach, the overall volume remains equal. Especially in hectic live setups, most people concentrate on what they are missing in the mix and not on what is too dominant. With the Group Balance, you can use the throughout your performance: It will only change the balance of the mix but not increase the over-all volume. So it’s easy on your ears.

Reorder Groups

Fold Groups / Hide Channels in Channel Tab, Move Groups up/down. The channel list in CONFIG > CHANNELS lets you fold a group, i.e. hide all its member channels with a click on the fold/unfold icon on the left of each channel entry. Unfold/fold all groups with the icon on the top.

The order of groups can now also be changed. Use the move up and move down icon to move a group and all its member channels one position up or down.

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