Cascading KLANG Immersive Processors

Multiple KLANG immersive processors can be linked in KLANG:app to act as a single unit. This cascade of units will be defined by the unit name followed by an alphabetically sorted index in braces ().

While it is possible to cascade different types of processors, this feature is intended to be used with the same type of processor, e.g. cascade two :vokals.

How to Create a Cascade

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Switch to Admin mode in KLANG:app
  2. Log into the first unit of your new cascade
  3. Go to CONFIG > INFO > Set > Set Unit Name
  4. Enter a name followed by the index in brackets – <UnitName>(<UnitIndex>), e.g. KLANG(1)
  5. Proceed with the next unit in the cascade and e.g. rename it to KLANG(2)
  6. Repeat for more units if required
  7. Refresh the Device list in CONFIG > CONNECT
For :kontroller Dante Follow, make sure to use the name followed by the number in braces as the unit name, e.g. KLANG(2) and the name followed by only the number as the Dante device name, e.g. KLANG2. See Dante Follow…

KLANG:app automatically detects a cascade once more than one unit with the same UnitName and a different UnitIndex is found. The color for these units in the device list turns purple.

In the Fast User Switching Bar the UnitIndex will be used as a prefix before the OUTPUT number.

How to Deactivate a Cascade

  • Go to CONFIG > INFO > Set > Set Unit Name and click UNSET
  • Once KLANG:app does not see more than one unit with the same name before the braces it will not show a cascade anymore


  • All mixes of all units of a cascade will be shown in the Fast User Switching Bar in KLANG:app
  • Clicking on a Mix in the Fast User Switching Bar will log into the corresponding KLANG hardware
  • Show File save and load commands will be triggered on all units of a cascade
  • Snapshot commands (save, recall, rename, delete, first, next/previous, move up/down) will be sent to all units of a cascade
  • Cascading of units is available in Show and Admin mode
  • In Channels Menu “Paste THIS to ALL users” and “Paste META to ALL users” will copy settings to all mixes of a cascade
  • Engineer CUE allows to listen to ALL mixes of a cascade. Musician CUE is not available in Admin mode when working on a cascade
  • Keyboard shortcuts for mixes e.g. CMD + 3 etc will trigger mixes in the fast user switching bar across all units of a cascade.
Meters, System, Routing, Info show the state of the hardware unit associated with this mix only.
Snapshots have to be always be created, moved, deleted with all units of the cascade at the same time.

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