Connecting YAMAHA CL series to KLANG:fabrik #3

 Scenario 3 – Advanced | Touring Setup


  • CL is used at monitors
  • 24 channels post EQ/dyn, pre-fader from Yamaha CL to KLANG:fabrik with 3D in-ear mixing technology
  • 4 stereo IEM/ wireless transmitters directly connected to KLANG:fabrik
  • 2 stereo mixes routed to RIO stagebox via Dante (2 IEMs/wireless transmitters connected)
  • 4 stereo mixes routed to KLANG:quelle via Dante for hardwired IEM setup (e.g. drums, keys…).


Please read and go through Scenario 2 first. A lot of the settings can be copied to this scenario with a few changes that are listed below.

Step 1: Introduce Dante equipment

First, we have to assign KLANG:fabrik to the Dante equipment list of the CL console. Click on I/O DEVICE and then on DANTE SETUP. Click here to download our CL1 multitrack preset.

Choose the next empty slot and click on it.

Go to DEVICE LIST and choose KLANG:fabrik from the list. From now on the CL console will show the KLANG:fabrik in the Dante routing screen as a known device.

Step 2: Yamaha CL – Internal Mix Signal Routing

Click on INPUT (1) then on 1–8 (2) and choose D.OUT (3) from the touch screen.

Choose the single channel view by clicking on 1ch.

Choose the direct out point (pre-fader in this example) and make sure to activate APPLY TO ALL INPUT to choose the same direct out point for all following channels. Touch on the field left to ON to apply routing to the Dante card.

Choose the appropriate Dante channel (in this example direct out channel 1 is patched to Dante channel 1, etc). Proceed with the + and repeat for the next 23 channels.

Now, we have the first 24 input channels routed to Dante channel 1-24 (pre-fader).

Step 3: Patch KLANG:fabrik CUE to CL console

We want the CUE / Mix #5 from KLANG:fabrik to appear on the CL console as a stereo input channel so the FoH engineer, can CUE this stereo channel on his console and listen to the 3D in-ear mixes of the musicians.


Choose a free stereo input channel pair on the Dante card. In this example we use DANTE63 and DANTE64.

Step 4: Dante Routing

To send mix 5-8 to KLANG:quelle for hardwired IEM setups like displayed in the picture above follow the routing in Dante Controller below:

Step 5: Routing inside KLANG:fabrik

From Dante Network to KLANG:fabrik

Route 20 input channels from the Dante module (Dante1, Dante2, Dante3) to the input of the 3D in-ear processor (DSP1, DSP2, DSP3).

Only 20 inputs are used, but basically 24 channels (3 blocks, 8 channels each) will be routed.

From KLANG:fabrik’s 3D processor back to Dante Network

Route DSP outputs (DSP1, DSP2, DSP3) to Dante module (Dante1, Dante2, Dante3).

… and to KLANG:fabrik’s XLR outputs

Route DSP outputs for User 1–8 (DSP1, DSP2) to Analog XLR outputs of KLANG:fabrik (DA1, DA2)

Go back to the first connection example of CL and KLANG:quelle.

Go back to the second connection example of CL and KLANG:vier.

Thanks for using KLANG gear. We hope you find this tutorial helpful. Please let us know, what connection examples you want to read about next —


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