What’s new in KLANG:app and KOS 5.4

KOS and KLANG:app 5.4 comes full of features. It delivers major improvements in workflow, speed of operation and ease of setup and provides some fixes as well. Enjoy the new features explained in detail below. Watch the video to get a quick overview.


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1st Gen. processors (:fabrik/:vier) or 2nd Gen processors (:vokal, :konductor, :kontroller, DMI-KLANG)

Mac 5.4 Win 5.4 Win 5.4 (32-bit Legacy) KOS 5.4 | 2nd Gen. KOS 5.4 | 1st Gen. Android 5.4

A few highlights

  • User interface facelift
  • New icons & optimized positions
  • Works with various aspect ratios
  • Reorder groups – move and fold groups
  • Tooltips – get to know all :app features
  • Remote :app/:kontroller management
  • Set global mix values
  • Improved sorting of presets and show files
  • Customize :kontroller behavior and quick presets
  • Setup reminders, e.g. show IP range conflicts

User Interface Facelift

[KKA-316] New App Icons, improved button positions, improved skin support

New Icons & Optimized Positions

New icons were added, not only for a fresher look, but also to give a cleaner overview of KLANG:app’s various features.

Improved Meter Screen

Especially for devices with high input channel counts, the new meter screen offers up to two rows of inputs and shows groups of eight channels for an easier overview.

Works with various aspect ratios

Button and text sizes have been optimized to yield the best user interface on different screen sizes while still showing all available control elements.

Devices in portrait view

Landscape view

Preset / Snapshot Menu

[KKA-36] Preset / Snapshot Menu comes with improved button positions and icons for faster access and a better overview of settings.

Info Screen with Color and Fonts

CONFIG > INFO provides improved readability, and settings that require further attention are color coded in orange or red [KKA-264]

App User Mode Indicator in Main Menu

Check immediately which user mode KLANG:app is running in.

Connect Screen

Color coding for connected devices.

Check for :app Update online

KLANG:app can now check for available :app updates. If a newer version is available online a button in Config > Connect brings you to the download section.

Reorder Groups

Move and Fold Groups [KKA-313]

Fold Groups / Hide Channels in Channel Tab, Move Groups up/down. The channel list in CONFIG > CHANNELS lets you fold a group, i.e. hide all its member channels with a click on the fold/unfold icon on the left of each channel entry. Unfold/fold all groups with the icon at the top.

The order of groups can now also be changed. Use the move up and move down icon to move a group and all its member channels one position up or down.


Get to know all :app features[KKA-86]

Click on the tooltip icon (question mark) below CONFIG to reveal all tooltips of the current KLANG:app window. Small tooltip icons appear next to buttons or elements. Click on these elements to get help on functionality.

Use the ESCAPE key or click on the tooltip icon to hide the tooltips again.

In channel details view (CONFIG > CHANNELS > click on a channel) tooltips are available from the top menu bar.

Remote :app/:kontroller management

Rename KLANG:app devices

Just as KLANG processors and :kontrollers, KLANG:app devices can now be identified by custom names. [KKA-347]

Switch to Mix…

When assigning mixes to KLANG:apps and :kontrollers, a button lets you now switch directly to that mix and tweak settings. [KKA-215]

Connected Devices

When connected to a particular mix on a KLANG processor, a drop down list now shows you all :apps and :kontrollers that are currently connected to that mix. With a click on the list entry you can switch to that :app and :kontroller and configure its settings, i.e. musician, personal or admin mode. [KKA-216]

All devices that are connected to a KLANG processor are shown in CONFIG > INFO.

Further UX Improvements

Set Values

CONFIG > PRESETS > SET VALUES or Shortcut : CMD + Shift + S from anywhere in KLANG:app opens the Set Values menu.

Choose which parameter should be overwritten with a given value.
Press THIS Mix to only change the parameter in this mix or choose ALL Mixes to change it in all mixes on the KLANG processor.
Recall save settings under CONFIG > PRESET will apply and can be used to only apply these to certain mixes.

Manually enter Fader Values

ALT/2nd click on channel fader or mix volume allows to enter precise dB values manually. [KKA-48]

Sorting of Presets and Show Files

default and defaultOFF presets are now listed separately on top of custom created KLANG show files.

Time and Date of Show Files

KLANG processors use the UTC time zone to store presets. The show file dropdown list in CONFIG > PRESETS now converts UTC time to the local time zone of KLANG:app. [KKA-112]
Config > Info > Can now force a system time and date sync [KKA-395]

Setup reminders

For some changes in important settings, overlay messages will remind you that further setup steps need to be done. For instance, it might easily get forgotten to take care of Dante sync to external setting when e.g. choosing MADI as the clock source instead of Dante. [KKA-38]

… or when activating Dante Follow on :kontrollers.

Device requires further setup

In CONFIG > CONNECT a red warning sign right next to a discovered KLANG device will indicate that it requires further attention. Click on the warning sign for more information on the issue.

Show Conflicting IP Ranges

In CONFIG > CONNECT the app version, its user mode along with the device’s IP addresses are shown. In case of IP subnet conflicts an exclamation mark is shown next to the IP addresses that belong to conflicting subnets. [KKA-323]

Warn when IP cannot be reached

Based on the list of IP addresses and their corresponding subnets visible to KLANG:app, a warning will be shown if an IP address is outside the theoretically reachable subnets. E.g. in EXT CTRL the Console IP is outside KLANG:app IP subnet or the local host IP Furthermore, the Console Port is also shown in a warning color if it deviates from the default.

CONFIG > CONNECT > IP Connect will also warn accordingly:

Faster KOS Update 5.4

Depending on the KOS version currently installed and the changes in the new KOS version to be installed, the update process will try to update only such components that have been changed and hence save update time. This might reduce the KOS update time to 2-3 minutes in some cases. [KKA-85]

Customize :kontroller functionality

With 5.4 many more features of :kontroller can be activated and deactivated to offer the exact feature set required for the production via KLANG:app > CONFIG > INFO > SET [KKA-258]

Quick :kontroller Presets

Three quick presets offer a faster configuration of the most used :kontroller settings. Use 2nd/alt and click on the quick preset to broadcast this to all :kontrollers on the network.

  • Only group mixing: disables all advanced banks except for the group bank. No preset menu is shown.
  • Channel mixing with presets: Disables the groups bank and the config menu but offers local presets similar to old-fashioned personal monitor mixers.
  • Full mixing access: Enables all features of :kontrollers and could be considered the admin mode. This is the default mode.

Customize :kontroller Behavior

[KKA-37] ktrl Disable Channel Edit

Show/hide Decibels Setting

In channel and group banks no dB values are shown, except when a value is currently being changed [KKA-382].

Switch dark…

Switch dark until touched, turns all LEDs and Displays (except for the last one) of :kontroller off. This is particular useful for theatres when the stage should be as dark as possible. With a push on any rotary button, the dark mode can be exited. [KKA-120]

In order to revert all :kontroller back to normal operation, use “Switch lights back on”.


[KKA-384] Channel config > Assign Group only shown when in admin mode and groups available
[KKA-339] IP address and version shown in ktrl connect screen when no KLANG processor found
[KKA-365] Show ktrl overlay, when OTA is in progress
[KKA-304] unified naming in ktrl audio settings

Further changes and feature updates


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[KKA-451] Config > Info > Set Menu available on :konductor
[KKA-354] DMI-MADI offers redundant mode at 48k and dual mode at 96k
[KKA-308] Identify DMI-Klante revision in app info screen with “64@96z”
[KKA-5] improved DMI Card FW Update on Konductor
[KKA-97] headphone level prediction and warning as overlay message 


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[KKA-19] :vokal with console link: correct channels are enabled in snapshot recalls
[KKA-359] Prevent accidental login to :kontrollers when :app is in active console remote mode
[KKA-303] Desk Link: KOS Levels 10db too low when console moves aux to max while disconnected
[KKA-158] Dante Auto follow issue resolved “ERROR: Dante subscribeAudio timed out”
[KKA-269] :kontroller Dante subscription was ok but :kontroller might have shown an error in info screen
[KKA-270] DHCP IP address might have changed frequently in some cases (multiple DHCP clients running)
[KKA-318] Fixes issue with Undefined EQ Setting on DMI-KLANG
[KKA-364] Prevents KLANG:app App Nap on mac os when :app running in background
[KKA-474] KOS Broadcast Here I am with zero conf IPs now implemented
[KKA-449] Collect all logs sometimes collected empty logs/backups from KOS

Minor Fixes and Features

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[KKA-2] Aux mapping with empty aux name sets “mix1” as the name
[KKA-325] Order of KLANG Snapshots remains consistent when snapshots are created quickly
[KKA-397] Auto level Adjust did not work in some cases
[KKA-398] KOS on klang processor should not show kontrollerDEFAULT02 preset
[KKA-360] ktrl mmc card issues
[KKA-307] show files names with “.” can be saved but could not be loaded
[KKA-357] Rename “Master Volume” in “Mix Volume” everywhere
[KKA-40] Screensaver fabrik/konductor shows Unit/KOS Name as well
[KKA-472] Reliable detection of DMI-KLANG Dante64@96 card revisions
[KKA-429] KLANG:app overlay windows can now be operated with a keyboard (no click/touch required)
[KKA-403] Config > ext ctrl uses warn color code, e.g. if console IP is not reachable
[KKA-399] :kontroller shows its IP, serial / device name and KOS version when not connected to a processor
[KKA-397] Fader Auto Adjust now works instantaneously on other :app on the same mix
[KKA-333] :vokal / :konductor / DMI-KLANG internal network switch now forwards IGMP messages
[KKA-282] :kontroller improved Amb/Aux gain when routed to XLR or Dante directly


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Support for new :kontroller hardware revision
[KKA-311] Maintenance: Set Serial/Mac in a single step. Check for duplicate MAC addresses
[KKA-297] Relevant development info from special copy shortcut on Info screen
[KKA-348] ktrl should not allow any cue mode, disable icons!
[KKA-302] ktrl assigned mix does NOT update when processor name is changed. Reboot does NOT fix it

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