What’s new in KOS 5.5

While the big new feature in version 5.5 is the backend for the new DiGiCo-KLANG console integration with the new stand-alone functionality and a significantly faster setup process, there are further features that all address the setup process of a KLANG system.

DMI-KLANG mounted in an Orange Box can now configure and show the settings of the Audio IO DMI card. It has become easier than even to separate Dante and Control networks on KLANG processors and :kontrollers by improving Dante network latency at the same time. System administrators can help musicians by remotely saving and loading mix presets on :kontrollers or :apps in personal mode. System notifications are collected in a specific section in KLANG:app including a history that allows to scroll through past notifications. It has become easier to oversee connected :kontrollers and :apps and identify devices that still need to be set up for show. New easy to use root-intensity EQ presets allow for an even quicker setup of a personal mixing system.

MIDI MCU support has been temporarily disabled in KLANG:app 5.5.3 and will be fixed in the next release very soon.
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Stereo Panning

New Stereo Panning

The stereo panning law can now be changed via CONFIG > INFO > SET MENU > Set Stereo Panning Law

  • Legacy / K1 is the Original panning law used when signals were placed inside the head
  • K2 is an alternative panning law that offers more precision in the vicinity of the center (mono position)
  • D1 is equivalent to DiGiCo panner type 1
  • D2 is equivalent to DiGiCo panner type 2
Adjust D1 and D2 to get identical levels when using “Import levels + pans”.

Panning of Stereo Linked Channels

It is now possible to pan stereo-linked channels to one side. KKA-113

:kontroller Network and VLANs

Ultimo :kontrollers | Improved Dante latency.

IMPORTANT CHANGE: no more Dante VLAN IDs, but only Control VLAN ID. 

IPcore :kontrollers | VLAN Support

IPcore :kontroller can now support Control VLANs in the same ways as Ultimo :kontrollers. Hence, the setup is the same for IPcore or Ultimo revisions or a mixture of both revisions.

For more info on :kontroller VLAN configuration and how to separate Dante and Control click here.

Improved Dante Follow

IPcore :kontrollers can discover Dante devices. By selected a Custom Transmitter Dante Name on IPcore :kontrollers, they will save this name on their KLANG processor. All other :kontrollers connected to this processor will use this device name for Dante Follow.

:vokals with a KLANTE Dante module can now automatically read the Dante module name and use it for Dante follow as the Custom Transmitter Dante Name.

DMI-KLANG with integrated Orange Box Control

When using a DMI-KLANG in Slot 2 of an Orange Box, it is now possible to control the audio settings of the DMI card installed in Slot 1.

For more details click here.

Personal Preset Management

KLANG:app can load, save and transfer Personal Show Files / Mix Presets on :kontrollers and :apps in Personal mode.

New EQ Presets

New EQ presets have been added and the sorting has been improved.

Other Features

Protect Mix Names


ON: Loading a Personal show file (.kup) on :kontroller or KLANG:app in Personal mode does not overwrite the mix name.
OFF: Mix name will be overwritten with the mix name stored in the mix preset file.

System Notifications and History

Connected Devices

Improved sorting and readability of connected devices

Sync All Settings from Another KLANG Processor

Shortcut: SHIFT + CTL + CMD + ALT + B

Enter IP Address of the other KLANG Processor. All presets and all settings including fixed IP and device name will be copied.

Make sure to disconnect the original device from the network, since two devices with the same device name and/or IP address will not work.

Customize Channel and Group +/- Gain Steps

Shortcut SHIFT + CTL + CMD + ALT + G or CONFIG > INFO > Set Menu

If connected to a KLANG:app or :kontroller the gain steps on this connected device will be configured. In all other cases the gain steps on THIS app will be configured.

:kontroller Default Mix Bank after Boot

Login to :kontroller > CONFIG > INFO > Set Menu > Default Mix Bank after Boot

By default KOS 5.5 will switch to the mix bank that was last used when :kontroller was switched off. Up till KOS 5.4 a :kontroller would always revert to the GROUPS bank if not locked and to CH 1–8 otherwise.

Exclusive Solo

The default behaviour of the solo button, is an additive solo, i.e. you can select multiple channels to be soloed.
When Exclusive Solo is activated via CONFIG > INFO > Set Menu > … Exclusive Solo, only one channel can be soloed at a time and once a solo button is pressed the previously soloed channel will be deactivated.

When currently connected to another KLANG:app or a :kontroller, the setting of that device can be tweak, otherwise the setting in THIS :app will be tweaked.

DiGiCo Console Integration 2.0

Automatic Mapping & Stand-alone Remote without KLANG Computer

Find all details on the new integration here.

Detailed Changelog

  • Stereo panning of stereo linked channels KKA-113
  • Improved panning law for stereo processing
  • Mac :app now natively supports Apple Silicon M1, M2, M3 KKA-741
  • :kontrollers can also be unassigned from a mix + Dante unassign KKA-765
  • :kontroller mockup will resolve the connected mix first KKA-796
  • Fixes some popup windows not appearing properly (iOS only) KKA-800
  • Show Dante Ultimo Update available for :kontroller in info screen KKA-697
  • Faster OTA Process with Upload and Start via “Update KOS from Uploaded ZIP”
  • KOS can format USB drives and copy update files to be used on other devices.
  • Fixes a conflict of Musician and Engineer Cue on DMI-KLANG KKA-758
  • Fixes kontroller mix assign after factory reset / not connected KKA-760
  • Decreasing channel fader below OFF will deactivate solo, increase above OFF will un-mute KKA-892
  • :kontroller assign mix automatically scrolls to currently connected mix KKA-850

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