Orange Box & DMI-KLANG

  • 64 Inputs @ 48 & 96 kHz
  • 16 Mixes with each 64 Channels
  • Choose your I/O: Optocore, MADI BNC, Dante, Waves, AVB, …
  • Orange Box Control for Audio Settings and DMI Firmware Update via KLANG:app (KOS 5.5+ required)
  • No Root Intensity EQs (Feature might be added in a future KOS versions)






Quick Start

DMI-KLANG must be installed in DMI slot 2 and will NOT work in DMI 1 slot an OrangeBox.
DMI 1 slot must contain an audio DMI card e.g. Dante, Madi, Optocore, … as this will provide the audio clock to which DMI-KLANG automatically syncs to. KLANG-DMI automatically switches to 48kHz or 96kHz depending on the audio clock provided by the OrangeBox; KLANG:konductor or Console. KLANG-DMI can not be used as a clock source to sync to as the card does not provide an audio clock by itself.
  1. Power off DiGiCo Orange Box.
  2. Install DMI-KLANG in DMI 2 Slot (right).

Integrated Orange Box Control

When using a DMI-KLANG in Slot 2 of an Orange Box, it is now possible to control the audio settings of the DMI card installed in Slot 1.

KOS 5.5 is required for this to work.
Connect a USB cable from DMI-KLANG USB port to DiGiCo Orange Box.

DMI Card Status in INFO Screen

Configure DMI Card in Orange Box


  • Reset DMI1 to defaults: Reset all audio / clock settings of DMI card to factory defaults / optimum settings
  • Update DMI1 Firmware: Manually Update DMI card firmware
  • Auto Update DMI1 Firmware: Automatically update firmware of DMI card in Slot 1 of Orange Box (Power cycle will turn this off again)
  • Set DMI1 Optocore ID: Configure the Optocore ID if a DMI-Opto is installed in Slot 1 of Orange Box
  • Set DMI1 Optocore Channels: Configure how many channels to receive and send from DMI-KLANG to Optocore

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