Network Switches | Quick Start Guide

While simple setups with only a few Dante devices do not require any special configuration, more complex networks with a lot of Dante devices and many audio channels require managed switches and planning of the network infrastructure.

KLANG does not have any affiliation with the manufactures of the network switches listed below. This is just a guide to better understand what needs to be configured and how this can be achieved.

General Remarks

Information for Network Administrators

It is highly recommended to use managed network switches for Dante networks. Dante can also work with unmanaged switches, if EEE is disabled.

Things to look for:

  • Can EEE be fully disabled?
  • Is the switch managed?
  • Does it support QoS?
  • Does it support IGMP Snooping with a Querier?
  • Does it support VLANs?

Compatible Switches

This list is not complete and some switches might actually be not available anymore. It is just intended to help you find product families or feature sets to look for.
For :kontroller calculate the PoE power budget with 15 Watts per :kontroller. It does not require PoE+.

Netgear AV line

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Netgear AV line switches are easy to configure and come with Dante presets.


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Luminex switches are easy to setup and come with Dante AoIP presets.


On Luminex switches: Make sure to use the latest Firmware available! Older Firmware versions might require e.g. to turn off RLinkX on ports connected to Dante equipment. Check the Luminex website or contact Luminex support for further details.

Incompatible Switches

Audinate maintains a list of incompatible switches.

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