VLANs on KLANG Processors – Overview

Learn how to separate KLANG control from Dante for 1st and 2nd generation KLANG products.

:kontroller, :vokal, :konductor | 2nd generation

Click here to learn how to configure the internal network switch of KLANG:vokal, KLANG:konductor and how to integrate KLANG:kontroller in a setup with separate Control and Dante networks/VLANs.

:fabrik, :vier | 1st generation

Click here to learn about how to configure the Dante Switch Configuration on KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:vier

Separate KLANG Control from DiGiCo/Waves Network

In order for the KLANG DiGiCo remote to work, a computer with KLANG:app is required as the bridge between the DiGiCo console and KLANG hardware. Hence, the computer needs to have a network connection to the DiGiCo console and also to the KLANG hardware.

Standard network setup

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The standard network uses one network adaptor and simply connects the console, the computer running KLANG:app and the KLANG processor as well as additional KLANG:apps or :kontroller for personal mixing to the same network.

Advanced | Separate KLANG and DiGiCo Networks

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In some scenarios it is advantageous to keep the DiGiCo console network and the KLANG network separate. This can easily be achieved by using a computer with two network adaptors, e.g. by using an additional USB Gigabit adaptor.rnrnReasons to keep the two networks separate might be one or more of the following:

    • KLANG control network is also used for Dante

Waves is used on the DiGiCo network and should be kept separate from the Dante network

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