USB Recovery System for :fabrik / :vier

USB Recovery System | Back to Factory Defaults

If you have reached a point where KLANG:fabrik or KLANG:vier are not accessible from the network or the unit does not boot properly, there is a way to reinstall the KLANG operating system by a USB recovery procedure.

In case you have been redirected via KLANG:app to this page, please check via KLANG:app or if available the touch display of KLANG:fabrik if your serial number is KFZNOSER or K4zNOSER. If that is the case, please get directly in contact with our support team and include your serial number in the email –
ALL settings, presets and log files will be lost and the unit will be reset to factory settings. ALL DATA WILL BE LOST.

Only proceed, if you are sure that it is a problem of the KLANG unit itself and not network connection problem. Only proceed if you want to DELETE all files and convert the unit to factory default settings!

What you need

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    1. KLANG USB Stick (empty, FAT formatted, must be working properly with KLANG unit)
    2. Mac or PC with USB port
    3. KLANG:fabrik / KLANG:vier, power cord connected, NO FURTHER xlr cables, network cables, etc connected.


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Recovery System 4.3.19 Legacy Recovery 2.0.4

Step-by-Step instructions

Step 1 | Format the USB Drive

Any USB stick with 2 GB or more can be used. However, it is best to use less than 64 GB as USB detection issues might occur.

Plug the USB stick into your Computer. Make sure it has only a single FAT/FAT32 partition and MBR.

In case the USB drive is not detected by the KLANG processor or a KOS update does not start, make sure to follow this step-by-step guide to format the drive thoroughly.

Step 2 | Copy Recovery Files

The current KOS recovery contains 5 files.

The KOS legacy recovery 2.0.4 looks like this (only 4 files, longer file names)


Copy the files to the USB drive and unmount the USB drive properly.

Step 3 | Insert USB drive to :vier/:fabrik

Make sure KLANG:fabrik / KLANG:vier is switched off.
Disconnect ALL cables except for the power cord.

Insert the USB drive containing the Recovery OS.

Step 4 | Initiate USB Recovery Routine


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Power on unit WHILE constantly MOVING one finger on the touch display until the display flashes black/white.


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Power on unit WHILE pushing and holding the button aside to the SUB-D connector in the back of the unit with a pen.

Step 5 | Wait for the Recovery to finish.

On KLANG:fabrik you can monitor the progress on the display.

On KLANG:vier, depending on the version of the OS and Recovery version you might not see any LED light signals. In this case wait 10 minutes. You can also see the KLANG:vier LED through the ventilation grid on the left.

When file copy is finished KLANG:vier will restart 3 times automatically with the usual color code for normal operation and end up in purple.

The recovery procedure is finished when the normal booting screen is shown on KLANG:fabrik or the LED turns steady purple on KLANG:vier.

Update KOS to newer versions…

In case you want to directly update to a newer version just additionally copy the regular KOS update files to the recovery files. During the first reboot after the recovery is completed the KOS update will start immediately.

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