:app as Motion Tracker

Activate the Motion Tracker on your Tablet

While it is obvious how to use your iPad’s, tablet’s or phone’s built-in motion tracker in KLANG:app’s demo mode, it takes a configuration step to achieve the same i3D functionality with KLANG:fabrik or KLANG:vier.

Just start with your KLANG:app running on iOS or Android and check that the i3D motion feature is working properly with the demo mode. If this works, you only have to take the following steps to activate the built-in tracker and control a user’s mix of KLANG:fabrik or KLANG:vier.

Step 1: Connect with KLANG:app

Activate the Admin mode (Click and hold CONFIG for 3 seconds). Login to the mix of KLANG:fabrik/KLANG:vier you want to activate the motion tracking feature for.

Step 2: Assign Motion Tracker

Go to CONFIG/Connect. On the right side, you will see SELECT KLANG:vektor. As default no KLANG:vektor is associated. Click on the up/down arrows on the right of the button.

From the drop down menu choose This device to activate your tablet or smart phone as motion tracker.

It should then look like this:

To deactivate the tracker, simply go back to this menu and choose NONE.

Step 3: Switch to i3D Mode

In STAGE view choose the i3D mode and drop icons to the second orbit. Rotate around your own axis with your smart devices in both your hands. The icons on the second ring will stay fixed to the floor you are standing on (and not fixed to your headphone’s coordinate system) and you will hear that your body’s rotation is compensated in KLANG’s interactive 3D rendering.

In case the icons on the second orbit are not moving with the rotation of your smart device, please go back and repeat step 2. 

By default, only the rotation around the axis pointing out of the touch display is sent over WiFi as tracking information.

Step 4: Optional – 3 Axis Rotation

In the KLANG:vektor drop down menu in CONFIG/Connect, you will find another option to select: Use Roll and Pitch. When activated, a check mark will appear before this option.

This option will send all three rotational axes’ motion data via Wifi instead of only one axis’ (default). In order to work with this, hold the tablet with its display pointing towards the ceiling/sky. The i3D sound will follow the movement of the head shown in the STAGE menu; so you can for example nod by rotating the nose on the display a little more towards the floor.

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